Starting To Wonder If There Is Anyone Out There For Me

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  1. I'm 26, almost 27, and still have a very hard time just getting girls to even talk to me. I am a member of both Christian Mingle and Been a member of Mingle for a year and a half and match for a month. In that time I have met up with one girl just one time. She went on to get engaged to another guy 3 months later. Other than that, only a few girls have even replied to emails. The vast majority just don't reply. Outside world situations aren't much better. I'm on the shy side so it's tougher there, but I do try to meet girls and they never seem interested. I know I am likable, funny, good-looking, loyal, caring, and driven, I'm starting to believe that girls think I don't have my life together. Like I said I am 26. I am working on my bachelor's in Marketing so I don't have a degree. I do work very hard in school and do well. I work at a gas station full-time. I'll admit it's not the most glamorous job, but it does pay the bills and I make enough to support myself and have money left over. I don't plan on working there forever unless I can get a job in the company's marketing division. I want to go to a marketing firm somewhere. Preferably before I graduate. I should be graduating in 1 1/2 - 2 years. I also live in a house with friends. I don't own the home meaning I'm one of the renters. I know this makes me sound like I am making myself the victim. It's my own fault I am still in school, but I really have matured in the last few year and am now taking steps to further myself. Just doing the best with what I've been given. Anyway, I think girls see where I am in life and just assume that I have no drive or ambition. While I can understand that, this is not the case. When I was in my late teens and early 20's sure, but like I mentioned, I have goals and am working toward them. It is just going to take some time and patience. I could be wrong, but I believe this is at least one of the main reasons girls don't seem to give me a chance. What I want to ask the ladies is, would my assumption be accurate based off what I told you. Also this situation makes it harder to believe that God has someone out there for me. I know I need to trust Him, but it's hard when things just don't go your way. Should I wait till I am done with school and have a better job to start dating, pursue different girls, and start accepting the possible fact that marriage may not be possible for me?
  2. Your approach is wrong. You should be able in one day, even if your overweight and ugly to get at least a couple phone numbers.
    Also, girls pick us. If you go to like a public library with a bunch of women most will least glance at you. They have about 3 seconds before they judge you and file you away as someone to meet or forget it. Your job is to single out the ones you can approach. Never from the side, always straight forward. It really don't matter what you say, you can walk up and say... "I hate clowns, I'm sorry, I don't even know you but I just had to get it off my chest."

    You just did something every other guy does not, and now you have her attention and interest. It's not about what you talk about, it's about being able to talk. Never offer personal information about yourself unless she asks. If she tells you about a horrible abusive past boyfriend don't sympathize with her our you end up on the friend list. She tells you her dog got run over don't say that's horrible, I bet you felt bad..... Say...... Well, that means some lucky dog out there gets a new home and move on.

    Don't end up on the friend list. Keep that in mind.

    Until you get some game, I would just focus on God and School. Picking up that girls is not that hard and it's something any guy can learn. However the Plan of God should be first. Girls should be like at the bottom of the list just one below playing video games.

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