Starting to read Genesis.

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  1. Starting to read Genesis.

    Hey all. I am just starting to read the bible. My pastor at church gave me this journal, and in it gives me a place to write about the veres and such that I am reading, and how I think it pertains to me.

    I was reading Genesis last night, chapter 1-7. I think I pretty much understood what I was reading, but what I got from it that I should put my trust in God, like Noah did, when God told him to build the ark. Am I totally off here?

    After I read the chapters, I was kind of drawing a blank, so I prayed to God and asked him to please open my eyes, and help me understand what I am reading more.

    So I guess my question is, for those of you who have read these chapters, how do you think they pertained to your life. Obviously, God created everything in these chapters, so I know this pertains to me, but how does this pertain to your everyday life?

    I am going to read more now, and I am really hoping I 'get something out of it'? I am not sure what phrase to use? I guess not get something out of it, but understand it?

    I'm not sure, but any help or advice or anything is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    God bless!
  2. You are doing very well, it's the Holy Spirit that will Guide you as you have yield to God through our lord Jesus in understanding the word Holy Spirit. I have read the bible many times and I stilll never stop learning its never ending in hidden tressures. as well from faith and love in our brother and sisters in their wisdom and true love in the word.
    Nice to meet you momto3kitties (nice name:))

    God Bless you and your 3kitties and family
  3. May God guide you !
  4. what I got from Genesis is more belief that God exists :) more proof, more amazing historical facts and historical stories that happened and are real.

    more understanding on how God is and how much God loved Adam to let him name all the animals (that's really cute in my opinion :D) and how he gave him a wife and so forth.

    Genesis is such an amazing book! I can relate myself with Joseph a bit, the son of Jacob.
  5. Thank you all very much, and thank you Ramsey for pointing those things out. Genesis does make me, as well, have more belief that God is real, and God is great, and Amazing!!!

    I just started reading 8-10 tonight, and I am so lost!! Its just a lot of names for me to remember, and he is the son of so and so, and she is the wife of so and so. Does anyone ever get extremely confused?? I feel like I need to re read it all because it was just so much, and I cannot even remember.

    Another question I had was the Lord said something along the lines of 'there will never be a flood again that kills all the animals and the plants' etc. This made me think, because there are so many people who are worried about there being a world flood, and just everything being gone one day from it, but the Lord say this will never happen again. Am I interpreting this right?

    Thanks all for your help!
  6. Yes you are interpreting it right :D :)
    there won't be a worldwide flood again, God willing. when it rains a lot and then sunshine, look at the rainbow, and it will bring comfort to you :)

    there are a lot of names but you don't need to keep reading those. what I do is I read a bit through them, and when I go forward and I find a name that I think is in the genealogy then I go back to the genealogy to find out who that man/woman is.

    First time I read through Genesis from 1-10 I admit I was pretty confused! there's a lot to learn from there! :) but nonetheless it's amazing
  7. momto3kitties;
    Gods blessings to you on this project.

    That will come with time. Don't feel alone, and please don't let that discourage you.

    Genealogy was of the utmost importance. You may notice that you don’t see and “Birth dates.” Keep in mind that you are reading a different culture. In our society we pay special attention to days of birth, we celebrate a baby’s first birthday with great enthusiasm. But during biblical times, and even today in that region, a child had not accomplished anything of merit. People simply didn’t care what day you were born. What did matter however, was what family you were from, what accomplishments had your ancestors contributed. A family name was everything and that is why you see so many; “Son of…Brother of….” statements.

    As you continue to study the great flood, I encourage you to pay special attention to Noah’s faith, his willingness to do anything God asks, and the relationship to baptism. The cleansing of sin from the earth by the power and promise of God combined with the water. And how the water both cleansed the earth of sin, while at the same time, lifted up and saved Noah and his family.

    You might also want to pay attention to Noah himself, the one God saw as the most righteous in the land, even after he was saved, he continues to sin, much like you and I, but God saw the righteousness within him, what God had created him to be. God continues to bless him even after his failings.
  8. Jesus asked the Father and He sent the Holy Spirit to be (among other things) our teacher. So when you read the Word ask Him to teach you what it means and how it applies to your life.:)
  9. Amen my son .

    Ahsley ,

    It seems like so many people right now are studying back in Genesis and in my church we are starting there as well . I am finding now as I am reading and asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom plus studying it with a group I have become more and more aware of things that I did not realize and as you study you to will gain the Lord's wisdom and confidence to learn more and it will become so real and exciting to you . That is why it is called The Living Word of Truth.

    God Bless you and look here in the Bible Study section as people have put up threads about the flood and other OT. studies.

    Lets all go back to our Biblical routes and discover the wonders of our loving Heavenly Father , Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
  10. I would recommend reading the New Testament several times before studying the Old. The Old Testament comes to life int the light of the revelation in the New. :)
  11. first time I read the Bible was the whole new testament. I was so confused and didn't know anything about the old testament. and it's all related to the old. they mention old testament persons many many times and I was soo confused.
    reading once through new testament is better. then reading old testament to know what is going on and who is who and what is what.
    then re-reading new testament to finally understand.
  12. You should get a study bible, and read a chapter at a time. A chapter a day. This is how I've done it because like they say "little strokes fell big oaks" :D
  13. Thank you all very much. I think I do have a study bible. I am not exactly sure. Do any of you have a specific bible you could recommend, and where I could buy it online? I do have a HARD time reading, and understand what I am reading, so a version that uses 'everyday words' would be helpful.

    Anyway, further along in my read last night, I read the Noah, was naked in a (tent?), and he drank wine and became drunk. Then his sons, covered him with a robe.

    What I am not understand about this is, what Caanan was cursed? I am not exactly sure what was going on..maybe it is the names again that are confusing me.

    And also, was the drinking and laying naked a sin from Noah? I don't remember reading that the Lord said anything to Noah about it, or mention of it?

    Thanks all for helping me with my questions.


  14. Genesis is one of my favorites! I'd reccomend either the Life Application Study Bible or the MacArthur study bible. The life application has many editors so it's not just one persons opinion. As far as MacArthur goes there's not much better IMO. He's very conservative and very smart. Always make sure the study notes agree with the bible and what you just read. Best of luck.
  15. Hey, I hope your reading of Genesis is going well. Personally I'm reading the New Testament first, but I have read through some of the Old Testament books. To each his/her own though. : )
    I thought this might interest you since you have just read about the Flood:
    As we know most everyone has a name, well back in the early days many names had meaning. What follows is the name of each person following the lineage from Adam to Noah. and what their names mean in English today, (roughly)
    Adam - Man
    Seth - Appointed
    Enosh - Mortal
    Kenan - Sorrow
    Mahalalel - The Blessed God
    Jared - Shall come down
    Enoch - Teaching
    Methuselah -His death shall bring
    Lamech - The desparing
    Noah - Rest/Comfort

    This not only speaks of a certain Savior we all know and love, but if you look at Methuselah, "His death shall bring" He died, and then the flood waters came.
    Just some interesting info I thought you'd like.

    Also, don't get hung up on remembering everyones names, or how to pronounce them. heh... have fun with the book of Numbers. ;)
  16. Ashley, I suggest reading the New King James version for modern language yet it keeps the same amount of verses from the King James. I usually read my Bible split screen on my cell, on top is NKJV (new king james version) and below is NIV (new international version) so that way I understand each version and if I need more help I use the New living translation

    Genesis 9
    Noah became a farmer and had he planted a vineyard and he made wine and drank a lot of the wine from that vineyard and got drunk and somehow was naked in his tent. so one of his sons (Ham, from whom came evil and polytheism out of his descendants, (Ham is also the father of Canaan, Canaan is the fourth son of Ham, Genesis 10:6)) came and saw him naked, instead of covering his eyes or covering Noah, he went and called his brothers to either make fun of his dad for getting drunk and to laugh at his nakedness, or to simply see what happened (i am not sure here, but either way we should not see our family's nakedness and it was wrong of him to not cover his eyes and not cover Noah), then Noah woke up and found out what Ham did and cursed his son. He didn't curse Ham because apparently Ham has a spiritual meaning, you can study that more here, I am not sure if it's true or not.. Spiritual Meaning of GENESIS 9:24-25

    there's also this view which I just found, Genesis 9:24-27: History in Cameo

    I hope someone who knows more may answer and give a right answer. please do not trust anyone but do your own research, I say this so that you may not learn false information and so that you may not blame us =D :p (or me :p)

    tell me if NKJV is easier to read, here try this - PassageLookup: Genesis 9:18-28;

    check out this also, the reason for that verse and book is simply to show you how they capitalize the first letter when it's referring to God (You, Him, etc..) so that you may know whom they are talking about - PassageLookup: John 4:27-38;

    God bless you :)
  17. you could download e-sword and study your Bible there :)

    it's a free program with many translations for free (some cost money such as NKJV :() and many commentaries for free to choose from, and many dictionaries also for free to choose from.

    e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge this is for the program

    this is for the Bible versions/dictionaries/commentaries
    e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge (Bible versions) (Dictionaries)
    e-Sword - the Sword of the LORD with an electronic edge (Commentaries)

    the ones that are free are not marked with a dollar sign on the icons.

    it is a bit hard to use so if you need help please pm me :)
    it's a great program though!
  18. Thank you. I can see what I was a little confused when reading that now. Mine is a bit different from the scripture above, so maybe it is just my bible? Thank you for your suggestions!
  19. The sin of Ham : while Noah was lying naked in his tent , Ham , Noah's youngest son and father to Canaan , witnessed Noah's condition.

    a..... One perspective suggests that Ham sinned by a disrespectful treatment of his father .
    Ham rejoiced at finding his father in a drunken , depraved state and jubilantly announced this condition to his brothers .

    Rather than publicing his father's shame , Ham should have kept this knowledge to himself .

    b.... An alternative interpretation suggests the Ham sin was a sexual one . If ham's sin was of a sexual nature , the actual transgression could be understood in various ways.

    i..... simply as a blatant gazing on the nakedness of his father , in contrast with the respectful modesty of his brothers . This interpretation may befavoured by other passagesin the Law of Moses that forbid seeing another's nakedness.

    ii.... seeing another's nakedness could also refer to a sexual sin of a greater nature . These are passages in the Pentateuch that use virtually identical language as a way of referring to sexual sin.

  20. Thank you!!!

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