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Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Where is the Messiah, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Its a forum about how great he is and how we should all send him money...its really a cult

    You see his new god-like image he is using? That will have to be tattooed on everyone that joins his forum.
  2. It's about clowns...
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  3. I'm glad you like my new avatar.
    The forums not ready for the public. I have to kind if jump start it by making up topics and threads, some of the stuff I've come up with is a bit ridiculous, by the idea is to get people to interact.
  4. What are you thinking? Like in terms of current world stuff, that some of you guys seem to be so in to?
  5. I was doing keyword research yesterday. I went through about 100 proxies, but found a lot of low hanging fruit.
  6. I like sports... a "little" politics...mixed with some good conspiracy :D
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  7. Me too! Minus the sports.. ;-)
  8. Maybe "where" will let us Mod a conspiracy section of his forum? We will get the truth out sister(y)
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  9. Of course you can all be mods!
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  10. Yay I'm an administrator for a Facebook page and it makes me feel like a grown up.
  11. Does it pay anything? Ill be looking to pick-up some work in a few days.
  12. Cool how can I get on that?
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  13. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1396378561.400484.jpg cool right?
  14. 19 likes wowy zowy
  15. Christ is not anonymous
  16. Yea I know ....?
  17. Lol no that's the name of the page. U need to come over there and do what you were doing at those meetings...causing trouble ;-)
  18. You sure you want someone with such strong convictions? I try to be nice... I really do:)
  19. Have you ever looked at Discourse ( It claims to be the most clever piece of software on the planet. It claims to be a forum that moderates itself. I think their next project will be software that brings about world peace ;)

    You can download it free from GitHub but I found it a pain to install but apparently they made it easier since with Docker.
  20. Oh I just got the "anonymous" part.... Ok .. remember Im just a ole slow thinking country boy... you need to some time to explain things to me:(

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