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  1. Thinking about starting a forum. Not Christian related. Any recommendations for starting? I hear vbulletin is the best, but with just starting out can I get away with something like SMF until the forum starts to grow?
  2. I can't advise on particular systems but I'd think that if you are planning on moving to another system at a later date, it would be a good idea to check that your planned later board has a method of importing the data from your original system. Transferring the posts (if you wanted to do that) could be quite a painful process without that.
  3. I'd be using godaddy at first.
  4. I have a SMF forum.

    However, Joomla has a excellent forum package for it (Free) and it's actually website software (Free) So you can have your forum section and regular web site.

    Far more Versital than just VB, or SMF

    With SMF I have a shout box, Chat room (Both free) and Quote select (This forum missing that feature) Very good Forum software and very changeable.

    VB is not the best though. Each has a different feel and features and plugins.

    Whatever you do, don't pay for Forum software.

    Also, GoDaddy should allow you to have several Subdomains so you can set them all up then pick which one you like the best.

  5. Which host would you recommend?
  6. Go to Cpanel....... Then near the bottom left side is a button called "Simple Scripts"

    That contains many different Web packages. Not sure what is in there but forum software should be there with Wordpress and stuff.
  7. I prefer to keep domain hosting and web hosting separate. That way, if I did find I had problems with a web host, I can move easily. I (in the UK) use 123-reg for domain hosting.
  8. It seems that vBulletin has been very controversial since version 3.

    The most interesting forums on the horizon at the moment seem to be Vanilla Forums and Discourse. Discourse has lots of features but is a pain to install.

    See and
  9. Forum started. I went with phpbb. When it takes off, I'll switch to vbulletin.
  10. Well, what I heard is that after vbulletin was sold to another company it was a public relations disaster resulting in lawsuits. The original developers left and started xenforo
  11. I created a thread on my forum, but I can only see it if i'm logged in. Anyone familiar with phpbb?
  12. Yeah, I used phpbb for a little while before I moved to MyBB. Phpbb has quite a complicated permission system as I recall. From what I recall its some complex two-tier permission system but from what I recall you need to give the "guest" role permission to view the sub-forum or category.
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  13. I think that's where I am having issues. I'm trying to access part of 1 of the two permission systems, but both that I login to, it sends me to the same place. I would like to change the guest role for one of the forums, but can't get to the permission system to change it.
  14. Hmm, that sounds like a browser cookie problem. I suggest deleting cookies and trying again.
  15. I'll switch browsers also, and see what happens. Thanks!
  16. I'll switch browsers also, and see what happens. Thanks!
  17. Where is it??! I wanna join.
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  18. What is the forum about? May be I would also be interested in joining :)
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  19. Then you will have to play by "where's" rules... no telling what kind of trouble that will cause in your life?
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