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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Ravindran, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Is it a good idea to start a blog to write about some topics which I medidate upon? For example, I shared a word at my Church. I feel like I should write it down in a nice way.. It also helps keep track of my personal learning on some topics.. And browsing through these forums give me a great desire to do deeper study on certain topics.. The only worry I have is spending constant time in doing something like that.. Even I am not faithfully spending time on this forum :) Has anyone succeeded in maintaining a blog which requires lot of time?
  2. Ya I have seen several blogs in CFS. Jeffin has 1 our webmaster. he actually has a link for it that he made. If you want to blog ................I would say start ....let me get back 2 ya.............
  3. A blog is basically an online journal. Is it a good idea? Sure why not, it's always good to note your thoughts. Do you have any expectations for your blog?
  4. We used to have a blog section at the top. But now i think you can use the media section. Write your blog in WORD save it then add it to media. From there you should be able to add content. I'll ask Jeffin what happened to the blog section. Perhaps he can set it up again/ ya it is a good idea as Where said. GO for it! May you be blessed in doing so :)
  5. I used to use for blogging. They were fine until I outgrew them. However one big advantage of them is that they take care of the hosting and backups. I found it a great way of putting any material online that I didn't want to lose and they had free tools for Android which was a big plus for me.

    I now have a self hosted wordpress blog on an unmanaged vps. I probably wouldn't recommend that to a beginner.

    There is also from Google which some say is easier for newbies to use. I have not tried it though.

    I think some people use tumblr but I know very little about it.
  6. True, it is generally an online journal.. But I don't want to make it a personal blog or anything.. I want to keep it more like a Spiritual journal.. Where I can write down all my Spiritual learnings. Whenever I study some topic, there is so much I learn.. I simply wanted to write them down.. And I also think it would be a motivation for me to study more deeper :)
  7. I think you should do it. I'd love to read it so let us know!

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