spreading the word of God

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  1. spreading the word of God

    in the beginning ,Jesus followers didn,t take money of people etc and had 1 coat and travelled far not for riches,but to spread rich tidings.they made a point of not taking anything to show the yruth was not for gain.now travel to this present day and you notice the diffrence.people have lost there way.:eek:
  2. In Acts they started taking money though no?
    I wish they didn't but they had to.
  3. Tjey have indeed micheal Paul warned against those who peddled the word of God.Jesus is Lord He said freely you have recieved freely give.Ministers are worthy of thier pay but greed is such a horrible disease.
  4. our greatest people are our ministers,Jesus told us this.so our ministers should be as paul etc.giving the word for no gain,exept the gain of giving truth and light.i always wonder about people,s motives and who i should listen to,not many have my ear.
  5. I know my dear brother things are getting harder we need to stand by one another in prayer and love and encourage one another you are a good man micheal God bless you i love you brother.Jesus is Lord my fiend lets stand for Him and proclaim the truth faithfully and boldly.
  6. Brother we need to hear Gods word it is the truth thats why i prefer just to tell people the bible.Faith comes sby hearing the word of God we have all been called tto follow Jesus not people.But we must honor thoswe whom God chooses.
  7. It's like that verse, One sows, one waters, but only God can make things grow. Paul said he came not preaching words of man's wisdom, but Christ; and Him crucified. If we only tell someone one thing in our life, let it be the gospel. Words of wisdom are wise, but the Words of the Lord have power and do not return to Him without accomplishing His desire. It's an amazing mystery; the simple message of the gospel moves mountains! And the most highly intellectual persuasion or ear bending message without the wisdom and the seed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, does nothing to change a person.
  8. Amemn brother preach it bro.
  9. Hey mighty man hears a good word for us all 1 Timothy 1:6-7
  10. And for me James 1:21-22
  11. Amen brethren ! God bless you all
  12. Amen Ramsey how you been my friend God bles.
  13. Praise the Lord brother. I've been not good because of the enemy but now slowly getting back through prayer and repentance God bless :) I hope you are fine brother and that life is better now :)
  14. Life is always excellent becuase Jesus lives and He is Lord the enemy is totally defeated Jesus bruised his head that is why he is so dumb.
  15. lost me m8 on the last post.:)
  16. Sorry i shouldnt speak like that im just glad that God is so good.
  17. Stand in awe of God and sin not commune with your own heart upon my bed and be still,selah. Thats what God is saying to me.Thank You dear Lord i do love You.
  18. Hi Everyone, i do feel what you are saying, but to spread the Word to the four corners of Gods world does take money, for travel, teaching materials, feeding and housing ministers. This money has to come from somewhere. Another point you could look at is some of these ministries are wealthy, but look at (edited out by Moderator as it names a specific church in a negative manner).
  19. We need to have ears that hear what Jesus is saying by His Spirit.He who has ears let him hear.Jesus of nazareth said that.Thats who i want to hear and Him alone.

  20. Just to redress the balance, When Jesus sent the disciples out, He said to them when they came back, "Did you lack anything".
    Your right people have lost thier way. My God is a provider, not a meeny.
    God said the Ministers should have Double the wages. I'd lioke to keep a good balance.

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