Sports teams we like

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  1. Sports teams we like

    List the sports you like, and your favourite teams from each sport, and maybe even why you support them. Could be cool, and could also lead to some healthy banter on days when our teams play each other :-D

    I'll start:

    Football (soccer): West Ham United (because my dad supports them and grew up in East London.

    Rugby Union: London Wasps (gotta support the London team).

    Rugby League: Leeds Rhinos (when I started enjoying Rugby League, they were playing very attractive rugby)

    Cricket: Surrey (based on the fact I live in Surrey)

    Football (American): Dallas Cowboys (they had a good team when I started watching it).

    Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey I enjoy watching but have never felt the need to support a team as such.

    Let's hear yours!
  2. College Football - Iowa Hawkeyes (as an Iowan, it's the thing to do!) :)
    College Basketball - Iowa Hawkeyes

    Pro Football - Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears (Redskins because that's my hubby's team and Bears because it's my Dad's)

    Baseball - Milwaukee Brewers (went to a game in 1989 and fell in love with the team - have been a loyal fan ever since)
  3. Football - Panthers, Raiders, Cowboys
    Basketball - Lakers, Bobcats, Spurs
    Baseball - Yankees
    Hockey - Hurricanes
  4. NBA: bobcats, heat, cavaliers
    NASCAR: Jamie Mcmurray( cuz he drives a ford), Tony Stewart( cuz my boyfriend likes him)
  5. Oh, you're so cute, Grace! :)
  6. NBA: Blazers
    MLB: Mariners
    NFL: Eagles
    NCAA: Beavers
    Nascar: Jimmie Johnson

    I heard this joke once and thought it was funny.
    You know what NASCAR stands for?

    Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks. HAHA

    I love Nascar. My bestfriends Grandad used to race Nascar. Back in the old days with Marty Robbins. He actually had Dale Earnhardt Drive his car before he made the big time.
  7. i love nascar too!!!
  8. NFL: I don't really have a favorite team. Well, I do, but they're not doing so hot anymore. San Francisco 49ers.

    NHL: I just like the aggression of hockey, don't really have a favorite team.

    MLB: Don't really have a favorite team, but I do like the Red Sox.

    Basketball: San Antonio Spurs. :cool:
  9. pro sports are as follows:
    FOOTBALL: I used to like th e49ers, but I more enjoyed watching Montana and Young and Rice connect for exciting plays. NOw I am a converted(thank you dear:D) and concerned Carolina Panthers fan.
    BASKETBALL: I don't enjoy NBA at all, not since Larry Byrd, Magic Johnson, and Micheal Jordan-pre 1st retirement.
    BASEBALL: Not a real fan of baseball, but I will watch the Boston Redsocks, but I honestly don't know why I have liked them since Mo Vaughn and John Valentin played.
    HOCKEY: Don't understand all of the rules
    SOCCER: Used to play, but don't like to watch it

    UNC all the way. I do pay more attention to the basketball team than the football team, but then again, who doesn't?:rolleyes:
  10. Football~Atlanta Falcons......yeah I know we got issues right now but I still have to stick by them!

    Baseball~ I guess the Alanta Braves....but dont really watch it much. As for college baseball I go with Texas A&M......My nephew will be playing for them this year!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.......he's awsome!!!!!

    NASCAR~ Dale Sr. untill he past and now I pull for Dale Jr.

    I dont really care much for anything, hockey, ect.....
  11. i only really like fitba (football or soccer) my fav team is celtic
  12. College: University of Arizona Wildcats
    MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks
    NBA: Phoenix Suns
    NFL: San Francisco 49ers
    NHL: Not a huge fan, but I might as well support the Carolina Hurricanes
    NASCAR Sprint: Junior # 88 Chevy
    NASCAR Nationwide: David Ragan #6 Ford

    Why? Tucson, Az is my hometown. That explains most. I'm a 49ers fan because my mom was born in San Francisco ( my nana immigrated there from Canada in the 20s), Hurricanes because I didn't really have much interest in hockey until I moved to NC. Junior because when he has the right hardware, he's a spectacular driver. Ragan because the company I work for sponsors his team.
  13. The sport I play is basketball my favorite teams from the NBA are:
    Phoenix Suns
    Golden State Warriors
    Boston Celtics

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