spoilt brat lucifer.

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  1. spoilt brat lucifer.

    God made lucifer,lucifer goes off the rails,God punishes lucifer.lucifer has had Godly love ,but still rebuffs God.

    end of story a spoilt brat.
  2. spoilt brat michael,God punishes,michael asks for help.
  3. sometimes love is hurtful.but help is always there,YASHUA.
  4. Michael?
  5. did michael ask for help.?was he the first angel to knee to yashua.?our Lord.?
  6. Was that satan's angelic name when he once was in heaven????
  7. this is what you must remember,michael bowed to Jesus.the first angel to do so.both lucifer and satan had the same statue.arch angels.so if satan did pretend to be jesus,with michael bowing.the equal power given would counteract.even if satan was jesus,with michael bowing under jesus saying we are 1 under God.the power would still be shared.so for unbelievers,michael ate satan,or michael found salvation,in both cases michael wins.win win situation for michael.
  8. Who exactly is Michael? This is what I'm asking.
  9. I believe when S.C.'s mentions 'Michael', he is talking about Michael the Archangel.

    'Lucifer' is the supposed name given to Satan - it is of Latin origin to mean 'light' [lucidus : -a-um, shining, bright, clear] (I believe, I might be wrong) in reference to Lucifer being the 'Morning Star', as some might say. There are other names that might be attributed to Satan, such as Samael or even Azrael.
  10. Jesus is the Morning star.

    Satan was never and angel, always a liar and a murderer from his beginning.

    How can someone or something in Satan's case have two beginnings?


  11. Isaiah 14:12-14
  12. there are 2 arch angels .top drawer stuff.1 went bad the other followed Jesus.both had same power.
  13. What do you mean? I don't remember mentioning anything about Satan having two beginnings? Is that in reference to the alternate names I gave? Those were just names I remembered being [possibly] attributed to Satan by some sources - not all say that. I saw a couple who mentioned those two names, etc. etc. It goes on forever. :)
  14. And your point?

    Where is Satan mentioned in this verse?

    You are assuming Satan is Lucifer. Satan is a liar, has always been a liar and a murderer. So if this is the case how can he started as an angel?

    Lucifer means morning star, Jesus is the bright and moring star, are you comparing Jesus with Satan?

  15. How about a little scripture?

  16. Man say Satan is Lucifer. God's Word says Satan was a liar and a murderer? Who do you believe?
  17. I believe God, of course. I was just curious as to what you meant by two beginnings, that is all. :)

  18. I'm done with this thread. I don't want to argue :)

    Where are yours?

    Let's just agree to disagree. :) Hope you have a great day!

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