spiritual matters

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by smellycat, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. spiritual matters

    doris the cloned sheep...............what does your spirit say about this statement?why they do certain things and name things certain names.this is a spirit battle.in spirit they try to warn you away from good.this is a evil generation.because they are condemned by all knowledge ,the bible is the 1 book all should read and study.
  2. That science was able to figure out cloning, an act which is just another element of Gods design, and therefore cloning is just another thing we were allowed to figure out. its how it is used that i would concern myself with...if i was concerned by such things.
  3. Thou friend you must be lonely :eek:
  4. Cloning is only taking what God ahs placed there and altering it with something else He has placed there. There is no act of creation but instead a manipulation.
  5. seems like the end of time satan trying to clone himself as God.

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