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  1. I'm late here but will throw in my 2 cents if I may. The word of knowledge is a wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit given to a spirit filled believer in a moment of time for a specific purpose, problem or ministry. I appreciate the foregoing answers that show just a bit of the multitude of things about which God gives us inside info on.

    I had flown up to St. Louis on business and driven over into Illinois. When I returned for the trip home I was sitting in the packed out area my flight was to leave from. Waiting for my plane I was practicing my people watching past time when my gaze locked on a young man about my age. He'd come into the area and just leaned against a wall looking around. My gaze kept coming back to him again and again. Soon I realized that the Lord was talking to me about this man and the urging got so strong I had to get up and walk over to him.

    I introduced myself and said "I don't know you and you don't know me but I know something about you. I proceeded to share the things about this stranger that Jesus had told me. The man smiled faintly as I spoke and was slowly nodding his head back and forth. I told him that these were things that God had given me to say and what he did with them was between him and the Lord. He replied in shock and said "you know, you're the second person to come to me in three days and tell me the very same thing". God was certainly on that young man's trail.

    Harold Hill, writer of How to live like a king's kid, had this experience. A non Christian philosophy professor at a well known university didn't like Harold and put down his Christian beliefs at every opportunity. The man was a dyed in the wool pacifist and hated every form of violence. He gave a pacifist, anti gun lecture one night and God prompted Harold to go. As the man spoke the Lord gave Harold a word of knowledge about him. He was restrained by the Holy Spirit from using it until the right time.

    After going on and on about the evils of guns and weapons of all sorts he began to take questions from the audience. After most all of them were answered Harold raised his hand and asked the man again about his degree of dislike for guns of any kind for any purpose. The man went into his reasons and hatred for guns and their use for any reason.

    It was time now and Harold asked "is it true that you have a loaded rifle in your living room closet"? The man was struck silent and Harold repeated the question. He finally answered "yes" in a low voice and made his departure from the stage. God's word of knowledge had made a believer out of a pompous professor of philosophy and vain deceit.

    Instantly you just know something you didn't know before. It should be a normal thing for believers because our Holy counselor is ever with us.

    Harold Hill was a successful engineer and a millionaire but became a spirit filled Christian. One of his favorite sayings was "you don't need college for a word of knowledge".
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  2. Frank Lee. Thank you VERY much for posting this. You appear to walk somewhat in a gift that I want very desperately, and have been praying for for quite some time now. I already walk in the gift of interpretation of dreams and visions, and also in the gift of revelation (1 Corinthians 14:26, 30). But I have been praying for the gift of word of knowledge, and I will not stop until I have it. I feel the only issue at the moment is the matter of timing, because I have several things I need to take care of first that are part of my long-standing calling. Once those responsibilities are met, that's when I believe I will start seeing the new gift begin manifesting itself.

    So let me ask you: You say you just "instantly know." For you, did it come in the form of a thought, or maybe an image in your mind of something that happened in their life? Or did you hear words in the small still voice like, "Adultery" or "unemployed," or something like that? I know these things are hard to explain, but please try. Those with gifts including myself always tend to say, "It just happens." But I'm hoping to learn more from you if He would allow you to be at liberty to share.

    Is there a way you could share specifics on what you heard about this man, or any other instances when the gift manifested itself through you?
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  3. I'll let Frank answer about that occasion but just want to insert...that I have operated in this gift since the 1970's. Usually I get an image or maybe even a single word. My experience in this has come not only for groups but usually for individuals who would come to ask for prayer when my husband and I were on the prayer team and most often when the team was called up front (to the altar area) by the pastor after the services to pray for those who came forth with needs. Since we were in a very large congregation we most often didn't know the people we were praying for. Most often for those who were receptive the word or image would trigger something that helped them remember or share and then we would go on to pray. This can't really be mustered up..it happens when God wants it to. But sometimes I would ask God to show us how to pray for that person and it would happen then and sometimes the word was for me in helping to direct my prayers.

    I don't really think I ever asked for that gift specifically. I did in the beginning ask for the outpouring of the Spirit and the gifts God wanted me to have. It was just part of the package and other gifts were operating then too. And they still do although I am not in that position with the team as I once was.

    And operating in word of knowledge didn't happen every time; just when God picks the moment. God, knows you are seeking this and because of that something will likely happen just at the right time when someone needs that word of knowledge. You may already have it. The nice thing about this is that whoever is the recipient usually knows it is from God so you don't have to pound it in to them. And they are really encouraged and often healed as a result of your obedience to share. This is surely not the only thing we did when we prayed for people. We often listened, encouraged, and shared specific scriptures. All of it is good!

    With the word of knowledge operating it is also good to ask for the word of wisdom to go with it so that when it comes you'll know best how to use it. Stay in the Word daily and remain in Christian fellowship. And remember to always give God the glory which is due to Him if He uses you in any gift of the Spirit.

    Blessings and prayers,

    sandpiper >o<
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  4. Dear HIH.

    I will attempt to answer your question as best I can. First though about gifts they are all about love.

    Love is the most important thing. God is 100% love and everything He does is about love. We must be walking in love for Him to work through us. Faith working through love. God must know that when He shares the intimate details of a person's life with us that we will use that in a loving, caring way. Never in any other way.

    For me it's a "just as if I'd always known" type of thing. He works in different ways so there are no hard and fast rules. God is so creative that He doesn't always do things the same way. There have been times that I've heard others talking about something and words even whole sentences spoke to my heart about something entirely different. Keep seeking Him about these gifts and He will give you exactly what is needed. Harold Hill said "which is the best gift? The one needed at the moment".

    A knowing just envelopes you is the best way to describe His way for me.

    Ecclesiastes says "knowledge is a defense and money is a defense but the excellency of wisdom is that it gives life to them that have it".
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  5. Sandpiper, thank you. This is invaluable to me. This explains it very clearly, and I couldn't have asked for more. I realize maybe there are some other ways in which the gift operates in others, but this seems very clear. This gives me specific things to pray for, so I am very appreciative. :)
    I would appear this is all it took in your case. I do know of some who are just given gifts without asking for them specifically, but they are nearly always people who have some form of supernatural encounter with God, such as a heavenly vision, and the gifts just came as an augmentation or further confirmation of the vision.
    I agree. I was marveling just two weeks ago how I was interpreting dreams and visions like crazy for about three weeks straight, and then the bottom fell out. But I realized it wasn't God or me. It was the fact that no one happened to need the gift for a short time, so I was caught in a sort of limbo. Then starting about 10 days ago, it came in a flood again. I've given so many in the last week that I've been having a hard time remembering who had what dream, and who is what place spiritually. The gifts are primarily dependent upon genuine need.
    Very good word. I actually have had it happen once or twice already, quite strong instances (one at least). Only I want it to flow as frequently and fluidly as interpretation does. But I suspect that I have something I must take care of first. I write Bible studies and I'm preparing a much more advanced website and a Youtube Channel that will go with it. But writing is an art, and no easy business for me. If I were to start operating in the new gift now, I might get so caught up in ministry with it that I did not take care of the necessary requirements to fulfill my ultimate calling, which is to be a Teacher of the word.
    I've seen this with dreams. They get almost giddy and beside themselves when it reveals their calling. Or they get completely quite. I'd also like words that shocked and even dismayed unbelievers, and forced them to consider that the Living God may be real after all. That seems like a strong way to evangelize, and would cut through a lot of the debate.
    Amen, another good word.
    Think you could explain to me the difference between the two? I'm ashamed to admit that I don't actually know.

    And thanks again for your wonderful post. I really appreciate this. Part of my website will be dedicated to people with genuine spiritual gifts having an open Forum to teach others how to operate in them. I certainly wouldn't be trying to draw you away from this site, because that's not how my site will operate anyway. More of a niche thing. But all your help is very appreciated, and will not go unnoticed. And maybe you could write a piece on some of your experiences in operating in the gift for me at a later point in time. (y)
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  6. I've read this, and I 100% believe it. I've cried lately because Ii see so much need - so many people interacting on the internet, yet not truly being ministered to by the Lord. And I'm not normally a crybaby. But the closer you get to Him the softer your heart gets towards others.
    I've also read this. These quotes of yours sound very much like things I've read before in Rick Joyner's works (though you may have gotten them someplace else). Thanks! I think I'm pretty good in this area. I'm very forgiving and very non-judgmental.
    I was meditating on this as well just recently. The turning spittle and dirt into mud thing that Jesus did was so unique that I think it was a bit of a lesson against relying solely on formulas (though ter could have been more to it then that as well).
    That's also very helpful and clear. Thank you very much for all your help. I'm very encouraged by you both! :cool:
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  7. I used to have dreams and I have seen things in the Spirit. I also could pray for people and God would give me a word for them or show me something. That was years ago. I have no idea why it stopped. I still hear from God for myself, but maybe I am selfish and with all the things that have gone on in my life over the last few years I have not been open to this or seeking God in this area. I am not sure.

    I am getting back there again. Is it wrong to ask God for this again? I do not believe God takes away the gifts he gives a person. What do you think I am doing wrong?
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  8. God's gifts and callings are without repentance - Romans 11:29

    good to hear God is leading you to pursue outreach again

    we all get distracted and need to make course corrections to get back on track

    God's gifts are available for us personally and for us to use in outreach

    sometimes we have things happening in our lives and NEED to focus on them to make sure we walk strong and true in Christ - to be a good witness

    then when we are squared away we can focus on reaching out to others - using God's gifts to bless them

    it sounds like God is leading you back into outreach - Praise God

    praying for you dear friend to have an awesomely joyous time of re-entering into reaching out to others and blessing them using God's gifts
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  9. I have never really been in out reach before. These things always happened personally with me or with my family and friends. How do you get into out reach? I guess volunteering at church? It seems a lot of people think people like me are fakes / quacks in God like I make this up. I have never lied or made these things up.
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  10. any time you speak to someone to bless them you are reaching out to them

    outreach can also be a group activity where a whole group says or does something to bless others

    when God gives you something to say to people, cover it first with prayer to help the recipient recieve it

    i had people accuse me of making things up too, but i said what God told me to say anyway, because i answer to God, and eventually the people repented because God really did tell me to say what i said.

    then the people commended me for continuing to speak to them even though they were mocking me

    i guess the key is to do/say what God tells you to

    if people react negatively, ask God what to do about that

    everything is learning experience for us

    every mistake is a stepping stone to a correction/improvement/success

    don't shrink back in fear

    ask God what and how to do/say everything and watch yourself grow in His ability to reach out to people who need God's intervention

    God Bless you my dear friend

    praying for you

    ps. sometimes God told me to stop talking to people - so only HE knows how we should respond to someone who mocks what we say
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  11. the only give i have ever asked for was speaking in tongues. it never happened, but i kept on asking anyway. still it never happened. then one day i could hear it in the back of my mind, but still, nothing happened. then one day while driving down the road it all just came out and i have been able to do it every since. i have that gift now and i can hear and understand what i am praying in tongues. it's quite weird at times. my mother had this gift too before she died. but if i tell people i can speak in tongues and then understand it they look at me like i am a freak with 2 heads so i never discuss it outside of my sister. the other gifts god gave me without me asking. i used to have dreams alot, but not so much anymore. One time, this was super weird... i woke up in the night because i heard my bedroom door open up and i heard footsteps come into my room, then i felt someone sit beside me, yet no one was there. i was not afraid. then i realized as he spoke to me it was the holy spirit. he walked in and sat with me all night and told me we needed to pray for my friend Timmy in new york. it was like i prayed all night even in my sleep. then at some point i heard him say to me WE ARE FINISHED. he got up and walked out. that has never happened to me since. but it was amazing.
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  12. You can go for long periods of time before God uses you in a particular gift. It is always good to stay connected in Christian community and fellowship. That way you have encouragement and support from others.
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  13. I am glad it helped. As for word of wisdom that is simply when you are gifted to know via the Holy Spirit how and when to use(or share) the word of knowledge and this usually refers to a specific time. It is given by God.

    My suggestion is to move into this gradually and be sure you are well grounded in God's Word because your Words should always be based on the scriptures. If they are not they are not from God. About this ask also for the gift of discerning of spirits. All the gifts work together and not everybody should be operating in all of them unless God so directs. Remember there are different gifts and one body. Reread I Corinthians 12 and also 1 Corinthians 13..so that the gifts are used in Love.

    And, of course, always seek the Giver of the gifts first rather than the gifts themselves first.


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  14. I am glad it helped. As for word of wisdom that is simply when you are gifted to know via the Holy Spirit how and when to use(or share) the word of knowledge and this usually refers to a specific time. It is given by God.

    My suggestion is to move into this gradually and be sure you are well grounded in God's Word because your Words should always be based on the scriptures. If they are not they are not from God. About this ask also for the gift of discerning of spirits. All the gifts work together and not everybody should be operating in all of them unless God so directs. Remember there are different gifts and one body. Reread I Corinthians 12 and also 1 Corinthians 13..so that the gifts are used in Love.

    And, of course, always seek the Giver of the gifts first rather than the gifts themselves first.


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  15. wow

    awesome testimony

    the gifts of God are wonderful

    if people despise the gift God gave us, i guess we should probably not throw the precious pearls from God in front of them - keep them to ourselves

    you are very sensitive to the Holy Spirit

    God Bless you

    thanks for sharing

    i used to hear people's thoughts sometimes - whenever God chose to let me hear their thoughts

    i made the mistake of telling them their thoughts back to them word for word - it scared people badly - they turned white with shock

    i felt so bad for scaring them - so i learned not to share anymore

    it is a gift Jesus had - to know what people are thinking - Matthew 12:25, Luke 5:22, Matthew 9:4

    my mother would see dreams of what was to come and it would happen as she saw it

    there are so many awesome gifts from God - and all of them are for a good purpose

    so we need to find out what to do with His gifts to ensure that we use them properly

    an awesome unending adventure for us to pursue with God

    God wants us to do all things WITH Him rather than FOR Him

    He supplies us with continuous reasons to talk with Him and walk with Him

    God Bless you my dear friend
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  16. I think the biggest lesson to be learned is to consistently be seeking The Lord in all things. To consistently be checking with your spirit, so you are led by the spirit, and be cautious of outward signs... for they can be manipulated by the enemy.... See if He desires that you do whatever you think is a good idea.

    We need to realize that we need a reason to do something... not a reason not to do something. And we need to remember that if the Holy Spirit does not say to do something... we are doing it on our own.
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  17. Maybe God is leading me to pray for others. A coworker came to me out of the blue yesterday and told me something personal and asked me to pray for her. I found myself so excited. I told her I was going to pray and pray for her. I meant it. I want to use what God has given me to not only help myself and my family but all of God's people / children.

    thank you,
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  18. wow

    this is awesome

    the greatest gift anyone can give me is to pray for me

    praying for you in this excellent outreach to others

    God bless you my dear friend
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  19. Oh your not wrong there!
    I'm curious about the gifts but not that curious yet enough to ask for any just yet, I've made too many errors in my own spirit to know that blurting out wrong stuff sometimes backfires for both parties.

    I can only imagine that some of these more greater gifts needs Gods Good Grace and timing to flourish. And lots of mental space.
    Picking up subtleties and connecting with others spirits using the right words from the Lord in Love sounds awesome, I wanna them too but all in good time hey

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  20. Hey guys!
    Just getting back, so let me try and catch up.
    Sounds like what Paul was urging Timothy about when he told him to stir up the gift that was in him (2 Timothy 1:6). For Timothy it was evangelism, but the same principle applies. Can't remember if I said this or not (think I did), but if you don't use a gift you start to get rusty at it, ie. feeling like you are out of practice. But in order to use it you have to get around those who need it. So to me it's about putting yourself in position to be able to use the gift to help others in need, by positioning yourself where you are available to them, such as at online Forums and communities, which is what I think both Sandpiper and TruthFrees were recommending.
    Sounds like interpretation of tongues, which generally seems to be in higher demand than tongues. I have had occasions where the Lord revealed to me what the Spirit was praying through me, and I was amazed that it was so direct. I thought, "I wouldn't have thought to pray for that, but I seriously need it." But those times have only been few and far between.
    It's interesting you should mention timing. I've been discussing some words that God gave a sister of mine. At the time they were given, we interpreted them to be taken in a certain way, only to realize recently that they were actually time released, and that God never intended to release their true meaning until the circumstances were right. I suppose word of wisdom works on the same principle. In fact! The Spirit is bringing back to my remembrance now that this same sister has often mentioned not being able to give certain words to people yet, even though she knows it is true. But until they are ready to hear it it will only do them harm.

    Very interesting. Thanks again for that interpretation of what word of wisdom is. That was very helpful. (y)
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