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  1. Wow! Very powerful drawing Abdicate. Thanks for sharing this deep meaningful image. It really portrays, as evidence/witness of what Jesus went through for us.
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  2. Title: Free to fly Home.
    Medium: (Collage) printed paper and card, ink, balsa, and string.
    Description: A gift to a friend in Canada. It is about letting go, of the multi-stories that bind us to the world, in order to fly home (home being the Truth).

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  3. How humorous as well as meaningful! Love it!
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  4. Please feel free to post your spirited art on this thread.
    Many years ago I lost everything in a fire. The only thing I wished I did not lose was a painting of the Second Coming of Christ.
    Since then, I have not done many artworks. I am hoping that it will pick up again, since now I am semi-retired and have more time to do spirited art.
    I have three more artworks to post, one is a collage, and two paintings.
    I have a few unfinished paintings, but it would not be fair to show them in this state.

    This is another collage. It was created for self art-therapy reasons. it is about the time I went to compete in the annual World Masters Road Cycling Championships in Austria. I was 55 at the time, and competing with the 55 to 69 year age group, over a 76 km course through the mountains. Unfortunately I crashed. I was alone at the time, and nobody saw what happened. I was unconscious for 40 minutes. I bled a lot and left a large blood clot. Paramedics were flown in by helicopter to revive me and take me to hospital. I suffered mild brain damage. Recovery took 6 months.

    The doctor said I was lucky to have survived. To me, it was another God given miracle. I flew back to Australia to recover my injuries, thoughts, speech, and mobility/orientation. During that period I decided to create a collage of the incident.

    Title: The Austrian Incident.
    Medium: Blooded jersey and gloves, printed paper and colored card, maps, string, tape measure, broken sunglasses, balsa, nail polish, marbles, acrylic paint, cotton wool, and plastic card (racing licence).

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  5. I agree; these are fabulous examples of fine art.
    God has blessed you with an artistic undernote.
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  6. This might be silly, but my favorite is the very first one, and the one with your dog. I will pray about how to put into words the reason why i really enjoy the first one...because even though i know it is just circling the imperfections in the paper and then making the lines....it's just inspiring.
    Blessings my friend and thank you for sharing all of your artwork and explanations. Making oneself bare to others can be difficult.
  7. Thank you Fish of Faith, and Cturtle.
    Cturtle, there is nothing silly about what you like in art. If the artwork strikes accord with your heart, then that's what it is all about. It's not meant to be intellectual. Stories attached to a painting is, hopefully, just an idea that may help to see things differently, or to reach an accord. Some artists say, it is best to not have a description, or even a title. I can understand that, especially if the artwork is a bit abstract. It's all relative.
  8. Many years ago I tried to stay sober and clean without grasping the spiritual aspects of the AA and NA recovery programs. That is, handing my will and life over to the care of God. I had many relapses over a seven year period. Each relapse lasted several months and all to a point of near death (alcoholic seizures and/or attempted suicides). The longest abstinent period of that seven year spell was two years. In this current recovery period of 27 years, I had to pass another two year milestone. I was afraid I might relapse again. So I sought sanctuary at a friend's place, and started on a painting.

    The painting was a kind of prayer. Each section has a deep symbolic recovery meaning. Many of the symbolic images directly concern the spiritual.
    My prayer was about handing over my life to God, and being grateful for giving me another chance to get it right this time.

    Title: Sobriety
    Medium: oil paint on canvas board.

    The first detail is a reminder of where I can return to if I relapse.
    The second detail is a reminder that no matter how depressed, or worse, I may get, God is always there waiting for me to act in faith (to turn to God for help).
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  9. OOOH! I love this one! I love symbolisms! Can of worms we open up, alcohol (or addictions) to "heal" our pains, burning the candle at both ends to shorten our lives in worry, self-righteousness is actually our noose, the reasoning of the devil and occults, repentance through nakedness before the Lord and helping others! The DNA, getting choked up, butterflies in the belly affecting our emotions... I just don't know what the mechanical arm means :)
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  10. Automatic behavior.
    In early recovery a visitor handed a beer can to me. Without thinking, I grabbed it and just about opened the can by the ring-pull. Suddenly I realized what I was doing. I dropped the beer can and quickly backed away.
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  11. Awesome! Was I wrong about any of my thoughts of the symbolisms?
  12. You did well.
    Not sure what you meant by the 'reasoning of the devil and occults'.
    The circle and triangle is the AA symbol.
    The C2H5OH is alcohol lurking in the dark, like some evil waiting to feed off my spiked blood.
    The knotted throat is now loose, where before I was always choked up - like you said.
    The waterfall is the living water of God's Spirit.
    The DNA coil turns into the twelve steps of AA recovery.
    There is a hermit's hut on the far side of the river. Symbolizing the isolation of alcoholism, and the solitude of spiritual communion with God.
    The river symbolizes a crossing over from drunk to sobriety. In the dark depths of the water, where all our fears reside, they must be faced to get to the other side.

    There is one symbol I was compelled to paint, but still have no idea of its significance.The rubbish bin.
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  13. Here is my latest completed spirited artwork.
    It is based on John 19:28-30
    28 Later, knowing that all was now completed, and so that the Scripture would be filled, Jesus said, "I am thirsty."
    29 A jar of wine vinegar was there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put the sponge on a stalk of the hyssop plant, and lifted it to Jesus' lips.
    30 When he had received the drink, Jesus said, "It is finished." With that, he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.

    Title: Crucifixion.
    Medium: oil paint on plywood.
    Description: Jesus' spiritual perspective.



    side note: some have asked why the doubling of the image in the center. It is the visual cross-over between the eyes. To see this for yourself, look at something and close one eye, then the next. The two images are put together, with the nose in the center.
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  14. Feel free to share your spirited artworks here for others to enjoy.
  15. Awesome!! Yea, the triangle with a circle is one of the oldest of the occult symbols dating waaaaay back.
  16. I am totally blown away!! This is so very awesome! The sponge filled with gall and the thorns on His head!
  17. Sorry I missed this one.... wonderful work and I'm so sorry you went through that. I was in a car accident in the late 80's and broke my pelvis, fractured my hip and a vertebra. Took me 6 months to learn to walk again and a year with crutches.
  18. This thread makes me want to start doing art again. I used to draw and paint but haven't done anything in many years!
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  19. Hey Guys,

    I thought I would share a little drawing I did today. I am thinking of making a polished piece out of this rough drawing. uploadfromtaptalk1431063102928.jpg
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  20. Go for it, Mykuhl! I'd love to see the finished work!
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