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    If you do art, and have some art that is related to Christian principles, please feel free to share them here. You do not have to provide info about the artwork, but it does help to do so if the artwork is obscure, like this first one here.

    I'll start of with this doodle-drawing.
    Titled: The few.
    Medium: black ink (biro) on paper.
    Description: Luke 13: 23 Someone asked him, "Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?"

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  2. Title: Saving Grace.
    Medium: Lead pencil on paper.
    Description: Acts 10:38 -how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with him.
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  3. Excellent!
  4. The word 'ego' is not used in the bible. However, its nature is, it is fear, and there is only one thing that fears, that is, what ever is not true.
    Evil, the devil (d-evil), and anything unspiritual/worldly, like the ego-self or false-self fears the Truth/God.
    The ego, the fearful-one, knows that the Truth would nullify it as a fabrication of the mind, a fantasy, an untruth. That is why it is so busy creating all sorts of disguises to hind behind. Each mind-mask is used in the hope of creating and maintaining validity of our false-self - the unspiritual self of this world.
    Some of the mind-masks include anger, lust, envy, jealousy, greed, dread, etc. The Book of James describes many of these masks.
    The following drawings are my imaginings of the ego and how it uses these masks.

    The ego, the ghost in the machine (body-mind).
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  5. You have a nice, even hand, Peter Luke! I love graphite!
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    Title: Avoidance.
    Medium: HB pencil on A4 size paper (same as the 'ego' drawing above)
    Description: Ego is sad, but due fear of being judged as weak it changes to a happy mask. The drawing catches that brief instance were we notice someone switching masks to protect their ego, but ego also noticed that you picked up its avoidance.
  7. Thanks. These drawings are done in HB grade - a life long favorite. However, recently I am favoring the B grade (for those unfamiliar to pencils, B is one grade softer than HB).
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  8. Title: Suspicion
    Medium: HB pencil on paper
    Description: This drawing symbolizes some of the choices of masks the ego may use. Here, it just replaced the disappointed mask for the suspicion, soon to be replaced (if suspicion is confirmed) for anger.

    side note: Sometimes we may have trouble identifying our emotions/feelings. In this case, it is often that emotions collude with each other. As if the ego is wearing two or more masks, like feeling a bit sad and a bit angry.
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  9. The last of the series.
    Title: Losing face (or 'ego exposed')
    Medium: HB pencil on paper.
    Description: When all pretenses (masks) no longer work, and the truth is revealed.
    They say 'the truth hurts,' but in reality, it is the squirming ego that hurts.
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  10. I love your artwork! It looks very time consuming! My daughter is trying to make a career of it in graphic designing.
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  11. Thank you Abdicate.
    Hope your daughter finds fun and prosperity in her chosen career.
    Abdicate, you got me thinking about the time it takes to do the drawing. I never really considered it with drawings. They only take a few hours, compared to the weeks I can spend on a painting. I guess it is all relevant to one's perception. Much like reading the Bible, after we find the verse we often keep on reading.
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  12. Peter Luke,

    I am curious to know your reason(s)/story for expressing this idea in this way. I know that even with abstract art there is a reason why an idea is expressed the way it is.
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    It was a doodle-drawing. I first started with a doodle (absent-minded drawing) by circling stains on a piece of paper. The concept of drawing ruled lines to see if any circulars were missed was a play of curiosity - the doodle now changed to a drawing. On completion I noticed a few were missed by the ruled lines. Then I was thinking about 'the few' who pass through the narrow door of Truth.
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  14. Very interesting indeed....I like it! Thank you for explaining.
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    Here is another doodle, one of my favorites.
    During a telephone conversation with a cat lover, myself a dog lover, we discussed the differences, likes and dislikes, of cats and dogs.
    A doodle emerged about a fond memory I had of Luke, a red Kelpie, now passed away.
    I was sitting on the back step, watching life go by when Luke came from behind and nudged me over to the left. Then he sat and leaned against me. Now both of us were watching life go by.
    After the phone call, I noticed the hearts. Tears welled up in my eyes.
    It took this doodle to reveal a deeper love I had for my dog Luke.
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  16. Thanks for your kind words :)
  17. A while ago I started on a gift for a friend (I still have a few months yet).
    The idea came to mind after we had a hearty discussion on what we thought Jesus Christ might have looked like.
    Below is a digital collage of scanned sketches, a face template, and a collection of drawn faces from that template (each image is not to scale to each other). Each face is drawn on template size of 37.5 x 50 mm sheet of baking paper.

    So far I have drawn 32 faces. They can be arranged in many different ways to form a collage, or mosaic of multiple faces. The final artwork will be called the 'The Many Faces of Jesus Christ'.
    Below is a digital collage of 25 faces, to show as an example. The planned artwork is seen bottom left of above image. The 32 faces are part of the smaller squares of that drawing.
    Medium: HB pencil on grease paper (baking paper).
  18. Wow! God has definitely gifted you with drawing and creating artwork. These are really good!
  19. This is my first (and so far only) drawing :p

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  20. Thanks Cturtle, it is nice to know that you enjoy them.
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