Spirit Children

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  1. Spirit Children

    I am going to be very brave and ask this question that I have not gotten an answer to yet. I thought maybe in my Bible studies and by reading on this forum I would have come up with an answer by now.

    My mom got a lot of her early religious training from the Christian Science church. And most of my Uncles were Masons. Therefore, my attraction to the Mormon church. Even before my becoming Christian I always believed that babies were sent from heaven and when they giggled and looked around as infants, they were talking to angels because they were fresh from heaven. I still sorta' think this only because I haven't been told differently.

    Does anyone have any scripture that would agree with or refute this theory?
  2. Jer 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee; I have appointed thee a prophet unto the nations.

    Just this one again, like I posted on Near’s thread. We are a spirit with a body. We were spirit first.

    What you say is very possible. An innocent baby hasn’t been influenced by the “world” yet and could very well see into the spirit realm. Remember when you were a little kid and all the grownups said things like “there’s no such thing as the boogey man”, “there are no monsters under your bed” “there’s no such thing as ghosts”… and then they turn right around and start telling you there is a big fat guy in a red suit that goes around the whole world and gives presents to kids on Christmas eve. And then they tell you there is a tooth fairy, and a rabbit that poops out colored eggs…
    If little kids can really see in the spirit and the adults keep telling them “there’s no such thing…” and then we are told things exist that really don’t… it’s not wonder this world is in such a mess. Most of what we grow up with is based on lies.

    But to answer your question… I think babies can see angels and when they cry, it could sometimes be an ugly demon they see.
  3. I can't see it. As scripture points out in iniquity we are formed. Sinful flesh is sinful flesh. Ever see a baby you had to teach to do the wrong thing? In truth they need much training to get them to do the right thing. So while they may not be acountable they have inherited man's sinful nature and are not running around on the clouds in heaven before birth. I also do not see how an omniscent God's forknowledge could be used to prove that point. He knows what I am going to do tommorow, no surprises for Him. Living outside of even time itself He is the same yesterday, today and tommorow.
  4. I am tending to believing your answer, Bo. Because of the way God created Adam, out of nothing, I am believing he intended for our spirits to be birthed from our parents. Otherwise, what I was taught from LDS and Christian Science would lead to all their other beliefs that have no basis in a Christian's life. It would lead to all other different doctrines.

    Besides, if this were true, wouldn't he have told us so?
  5. I can see it.
    We may be formed in iniquity, but I don’t think that has anything to do with faith. I believe it takes faith to see in the spirit realm. And sinful or not sinful… children are innocent and have a lot of faith. And Jesus praised the faith of children…

    Mat 18:3 and said, Truly I say to you, Unless you are converted and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

    To have child like faith would be awesome. I do believe they can see the angels.
  6. AMEN Friend,

    I agree and I hope that I'm not intruding on this thread, if so please ignore me, nevertheless here is my view and why I believe it

    Not only are Angels and demons real and highly active in our world, I too believe that I can see into such things without my physical eyes. For me to explain fully would not be wise on my behalf for I would be instantly targeted (although I am already targeted by that ancient serpent called the devil). (1 Peter 5:8)

    This I believe:

    The less you sin the stronger your faith is, not only does Jesus put much emphasis on our understanding of children but our need to be like them. Children have less sin because until they learn the law they are not aware of it. Jesus never stated we had to sin less to utilize our faith however in practice I have found your best efforts to avoid all guile for exented periods of time increase your faith (at least for me).

    If your faith is weak, pray to God for it and He will give it to you. Pray for all things even to change the desire of your heart. God gives us all things we simply need to believe. Or to teach it to you. Pray in a way that you understand. As you say the Lord's prayer think it, feel it (The Holy spirit of our God) groaning to Him sometimes you cannot even understand it / nor should we.

    An example of why I believe Children can (sometimes) see these things is that because I live in a buddhist temple I have been in a constant state of "spiritual warfare" since I got here. It appears unseen to the worldly but I tell you that there is nothing that any man can do to disprove why I believe all of this. While livng here I also discovered that shortly before I moved here the building and shortly before that (it was not yet a buddhist temple) it was the site of a psychic reader. So what I'm telling you is that I litterlly live in a place of spiritual wickedness. (Ephesians 6:12)

    I had trouble sleeping, I had a spirit confuse me, I had a spirit of greed, I had unclean spirits that entered me (my temple) thru sin. Spirits I don't think I experienced until I moved here. After getting tired of the experiences that were all new to me since I moved here and by other means I learned how to take care of the issue just incase it was indeed an unclean spirit or legions of them.

    What I can say is that they have been casted out in the name of Jesus and I believe that Angels guard me while I am here, wherever I go. (1 John 5:18) I usually stay in my room because I don't like going near idols in which I have to remove my shoes because it says so in the lease agreement. This is where I live God put me here for reasons like this.

    One day as the buddhists were having a meeting one of the children of the members started to go toward my room where I had last asked God to post a guardian over me while I live here. I never seen anything like it but this child who was usually quiet and dwelling peacefully amoung the buddhists, suddenly and loudly skreeched and screamed with fear so loud that it sent his parent running out of the bathroom while pulling up his pants. I think he has to be at least 2 years old.

    The reason I believe that an Angel of our God would actually cause a seemingly innocent child to act in such a way is that because he was old enough to walk and explore (and that's probably old enough to sin). So naturally the sin let an unclean spirit into the child at some point in his young life and when the child came around the corner and even looked at my bedroom door the Angels of my God probably destroyed whatever was in the child. The only other reason I would dare say that the child might have had an unclean spirit is because he is the son of a buddhist rich man and they chant about worshipping gods and godesses while bowing to an idol/statue, they let unclean spirits into their temples not by understanding but by their atheistic ways. They burn incense to idol and it yet it does not see, hear nor speak. Buddhists are not all bad, they sometimes really stive for peace and truth, only God will be the judge of those ones but we do know this: Our God is Lord over us all and therefore Jealous if we try to make gods / idols of what we ought not.

    If our Holy Bible is true then, when we say these forces are not at work we make Him (our Lord Jesus) a liar. He casted out many many unclean spirits and devils and did things to prove that with God all is possible. I could go on an on about this but it may not be appropriate here. Jesus even said that some devils only come out by prayer and fasting which is also true.

    If you don't believe me, believe Jesus, if you don't understand Jesus at least believe the works He did. There is nothing any man or thing on earth or below that can make me start to unbelieve that there is much much more going on than we see. We don't always need to deal with it though, that is what God's Angels do when we grow tired. God gives us rest before our eyes in not having to particpate in this battle that is raging in heavenly places (including on earth and within the thoughts of us). (Colossians 3:3)

    We are children of God, he gave us authority to trample trample trample ... When you start learn these things go slowly because when you get into it, it is very tiring and once you understand it you began to lose your innocence and peace. You get the guilt for not getting involved to protect those you love. The demons will attack you in our sleep as soon as they know you are one who also casts them out in His name. We become even more of a priority target.

    If this wasn't a private forum I wouldnt be talking about this but because it is I'm hoping that I'm not alone out here in my walk with Christ. Spiritual Gifts and authority in His name for without Him we can do nothing.

    As far as Angels communicating with the babies when they giggle I suppose it is possible and it would be kinda cute too. If the child is lead by the spirit it doesn't need a mental capacity which is the brain that teaches us of the world. However if it was the Spirit of God in the child it is on the same team as God so they would probably not require to "communicate" with each other for they already know the will of their God but there is one other scripture that comes to mind. (Romans 8:16)

    - "The guy standing over here wearing the full Armor of God holding a great big Sword of the Holy Spirit"

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