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    C.J. Mahaney once told a story to vividly illustrate a bible reading on these lines. He demonstrated the story; on the platform, as a man who was spinning plates on thin poles, Chinese juggler fashion.

    As keen Christians we like to ‘’Help’’ those who may have recently become Christians. We want them to get things ‘’right’’ possibly because we our selves made ‘’mistakes’’.

    Our help might take this line. ‘’ I hope your praying every day’’
    Plate number one, spinning steadily.
    Oh! Now I remember ‘’ Are you reading the bible each morning’’?
    Plate number two but keep an eye one #1.
    ‘’Your doing well’’ ’’Have you started tithing yet’’?
    Plate three, now things are getting a bit more difficult, as he dashes from one to another plate pole.
    ‘’Are you going to the services every Sunday?’’
    Another plate begins to spin well out of reach.
    ‘’ I’ll see you at the prayer meeting tomorrow’’ sweating, they now dash across to previous poles to keep them active.
    ‘’ Didn’t you attend the Conference last year, Oh! You’ll have to go this year, it’s great’’
    And so on etc etc. Not a pleasant time for the one trying to spin all the plates you have given them, let alone those others might give them to spin.

    Love one another.
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  2. A lot of people operate under the false assumption 'works' are necessary for salvation, but in reality, works are an effect of our salvation. The above list (with the accept of Annual Conference) aids us in our relationship with God and helps promote spiritual growth and serves to teach us .....

    But our list is not a means to spiritual success, nor is it a ticket to heaven.

    Over-wehlming a new Christian with a list of must do's can be contrary to the Word, and in some cases discourage seekers, when the purpose is really to encourage and facilitate understanding.
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  3. I really thought this whole post was directed towards me haha. I must be really tired.

    I like this, btw :)
  4. I like that illustration. It reminds me of what we are learning about in church--Grace. How God cares for us and gave us Jesus so we don't have to have works or prove anything to him for our salvation. The plates are like religion then, right? Like what people think they have to do to gain God's favor. I'm so glad we have Jesus so that type of legalism is unneccessary and we do it only to be closer to God or because our heart wants to or the Holy Spirit leads us to, not because we have to. That's what you are getting at for us, right? (I"m learning ;) Between xspin and Ginger, I am totally loving you two!!!!
  5. I love you, too, Soulful!!!! :)

    The Apostles, Paul, Peter and James specifically made clear we are not to burden new Christians. Altho, I always encourage people to start talking to God, it's not easy to change the way you live.

    Even for me (a person who tells everyone 'pray, pray, pray and then pray some more) it's difficult to remember to say grace before a meal....we didn't do that when I was growing up. When I would forget, I would try to remember to say grace after the meal. The first time I tried it, I was corrected and told it's supposed to be said before. LOL I gently told my legalist child, there is no rule about saying grace in the Bible. Before or after or not during the meal at all is not the point. The purpose is to remind us to thanks God every day. Meals are three opportunities to give thanks, not just for food, but for everything God has done and continues to do in our lives.

    Of course, reading the Bible is important, too. And followship (going to church) But the Word of God is written on our hearts, so even if we didn't have access to a Bible, God would speak to us from within.

    My experience is when someone starts seeking God, they start doing the things God calls them to do to draw nearer to Him.

    Soulful is such a wonderful example to us. She is sharing what God puts on her heart and asking the questions and there is no one here that needs to tell her what to do. We just offer guidance from our experience and encourage her. And we are blessed in seeing her faith.

    It's great!
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  6. So right. We had some punks years ago & the lead elder said ''God will sort them out'' . He did.

    We do so want to be ''Helpful'' don't we.

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