spider art

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  1. Cool webs .:cool::cool:
  2. ewwwwwwwwwww yicky nasty i HATE spiders... they are unnatural and creepy... well ok some of them looked nice but the pictures of those really big ones were just grose and i hope i NEVER actually see somthing like that... now im gonna have night mares about being eaten by spiders lol
  3. Hey..Spiders are as natural as mankind! haha..
    nice webs!:)
  4. Indeed! Without spiders pests would over run us quickly- the Lord knew what He was doing.
    For the evolutionists- that mindless blob of protoplasm had it all worked out- lol.
  5. Those are incredible pictures.

    One thing I found interesting was the point when they noted that a spider uses it's own body to measure the sections of its web.

    It reminded me of the units of measurement man used to use, cubits, digits, units, etc.

    Maybe if we went back to hand crafting things that way, my hat wouldn't rub on the roof of a car when I drive one! :cap:
  6. They must have used short people cubits!:)
  7. Bill Cosby:

    "Whats a Cubit??"

    (One of my all time favorites.) :D

  8. yes i know lol im glad they are there but i can do with out having to see them lol
  9. HEYYYYYYyyy..
    -stares..- careful with the short =X
    you have one short person here..!:(:mad::eek::D:p
  10. lol lol lol..
    take a closer look at them next time..
    they're really beautiful creatures! :)

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