Special Weather Statement: Southern US, Jan 18-21

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  1. Special Weather Statement: Southern US, Jan 18-21

    A polar cold front is moving from the northern plains states into the deep south. By late in the day Friday, January 18, this cold air will collide with a warmer humid air mass moving northerly from the Gulf of Mexico. The resulting precipitation will most likely be in the form of sleet, freezing rain and snow as far south as the Interstate 10 corridor through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. This will be a very dangerous event for drivers in these area because there is very little if any road equipment in these locations to deal with snow or frozen precipitation. Persons in these areas of the deep south are being asked to limit travel this weekend and to monitor local NWS and media broadcasts regarding travel restrictions and for shelters opening up for persons who are without power or heat. Ice on power lines and trees falling onto power lines may increase the dangers for residents. Use caution and please refer to the link below for new watches and warnings.


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    "THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ADVISORY. These updates and advisories are based upon information from our own computer models, NOAA, Local Weather Data Centers, deep water Buoy Data, and other publicly available sources. FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR PROPERTY AND PERSON, please refer to your Local, State, and Federal Authority updates for Official Advisories and Orders. For up to the minute advisories and official updates, it is essential that you monitor your local Emergency Government, NOAA and Local Media Broadcasts. Please do not make personal safety decisions based upon information presented here in this Unofficial Advisory."
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  2. This cold Polar system has firmly entrenched itself into the deep south as predicted.

    Some temperature readings from 6 AM today:

    New Orleans, Louisiana = 31 degrees F.

    Latimer, Mississippi = 27 degrees F.

    Mobile, Alabama = 24 degrees F.

    Valdosta, Georgia = 30 degrees F

    Tallahassee, Florida = 31 degrees F

    Ocala, Florida = 39 degrees F.

    If any members have additional cold temperature readings to post from the Gulf Coast states, please feel free to do so...

  3. brrrrrrrr

    I’m not from a gulf coast state, but up here in Minnesota, it’s 17 below zero right now.

    Ya… it shur gits cold up nort here… Doncha know.

    Sposta git up to 5 above later. Ya… dat il be nice.

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