Speaking In Tongues: I Don't Understand What Happened.

Discussion in 'Holy Spirit Baptism and Living' started by TezriLi, Jul 15, 2014.

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  1. Now that this thread has quieted, and I've heard what my son has said, I want to go back and read what has been said here, especially at the beginning. I have an idea someone here gave me the same answer, but I could not accept it, so I rejected it. Hearing it come out of my son's unassuming mouth, as he carefully formed his words, and his wife agreed, I heard. I heard, but I had a tantrum, stamping my foot not at him but at the situation. I was angry, and yes, I cried. The day's been hard. My husband and I talked about it, and he agreed that my son was probably right.

    I don't believe in this stuff -- in tongues, and especially not in me "prophesying." Prophesying? I don't do stuff like that! I hate stuff like that. I look with disgust on assuming people who do it.

    But there I was.

    And the church immediately started its demise, until it was for sale. Too few to open its doors.

    I can't explain it.
  2. Why do you hate the gifts of the Holy Spirit? The word of God is filled with examples of the spirit realm, so why do you find it hard to believe it in your life?
  3. Because of the hateful people, in my experience, who do it. Mean people. Pretenders. Fakers. Attention gatherers. People whose intent is to glorify themselves, to gather admirers, to gather hearers. People who use the H Spirit. People who play with Him like He is their popularity toy. That kind of action is what I hate.

    And the idea that I could be included among them is very difficult, even if it was just once.

    But I am trying to get over it. I love the L-rd and I love His REAL people.
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  4. I see. Oh sis, you know yourself. I'm certain you wouldn't use it to show off. So don't feel bad it happened to you. Ask the Lord to help you with your feelings toward it. :)
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  5. :)

    I think it's time to close this thread, if that's all right.
    We've all exhausted it.
    I think I am beginning to grasp and accept what happened.

    You have all been a lot of help, stepping in when I asked you to.
    G-d bless all of you.
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  6. I completely agree, but that's not God's fault. Think of it this way. If you're in a war and one of the most powerful weapons was decimating you, what would you do? As the enemy you would do all you could to make it false, make it the butt of jokes and water it down to unimportant and even wrong. That is the job of the devil: to take the precious things of God, make them the object of ridicule and mockery and irrelevant. What do you think God feels when He hears His say they hate His gifts because others mock it? Wouldn't that mean the devil has won that battle?
  7. As you wish.
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