Speaking In Tongues: I Don't Understand What Happened.

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  1. It's too hard to tell over the internet. I'd have to hear the tone of a persons voice to tell if they were competing. I suppose its just one of those, "is the glass half empty or half full things." One might look at it as competing, while another might look at it as iron sharping iron.
  2. I remember taking this anthropology class. They said originally they thought we were related to this one species of monkeys, then years later they discovered another species of monkeys that were older and said we weren't related to the first one, but were related to the one that had recently discovered. Then I realized, "Man, these people really don't know what they are talking about. Just a bunch of educated people guessing." There was only 2 people in that class that received an A. I was one of them, but felt like the stupidest person there, for actually wasting my time paying attention to all that garbage.
  3. What God wants is for us to get behind Him and His word over what anyone else says.
  4. I don't think God wants us to do that when we have things that are demonstrably correct and can be proven so, that would be willful ignorance.
  5. God doesn't want us to do what? His word is truth. Psalm 119:160; John 17:17; Romans 3:4
  6. This has been a long thread! I haven't really followed. This post caught my eyes :)

    In a way I agree.. But I would add a condition to that. I don't why some people would still say dinosaurs did not exist. For a long time humans believed that earth is center or universe or solar system. These are things which are demonstrated to be true and we have to accept. At the same time, all such things never contradict the Word of God.. We must remember that everything man discovers today is because God has enabled the person to realize that.. So God would never reveal something today that would contradict His Word written many centuries ago.. If we see a contradiction, then we can be certain that it is not something discovered through God given knowledge..
  7. And yet if we do discover something to be true which appears to contradict the word of God we should consider whether we understood those words correctly to begin with. And that's not any kind of admonishment or anything like that, but a suggestion that the scriptures are not necessarily as clear as we think they are.
  8. I agree.. Not a problem with the sender of the message.. But with receiver of message. Word of God is truth. But does not mean imperfect man has got it all right.
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  9. When something gives the appearance of contradicting scripture, scripture always takes precedence. We have to reject what appears as truth but isn't, and go back to the drawing board.
  10. If what appears to be truth is proven to be true, then no amount of wishing it otherwise will make it false.
  11. If something is true, then God's word will never contradict it. Wishing is not in the mix.
  12. Bats are not birds, and the earth is not flat. Facts. Both of which appear in the Bible.
  13. People believed the earth is flat---God's word doesn't teach it. As for bats being birds, that was man's understanding, that filtered into the text by translators or copyists, but not God. It is the last in a list of things that fly.
  14. According to Leviticus 11:5-6 Rabbits (Coney) chew their cud and because of this they are unclean. Last time I checked, rabbits don't chew cud.

    The locust, grasshopper, and beetle all have four feet according to Leviticus 11:22, then in the next verse, it mentions a group of flying animals with four feet. I can't think of any.
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  15. Because the writers of scripture revealed their personal lack of knowledge on the classification of animals, having been written some centuries ago, do we toss out the authority of scripture?

    I see how you may be entertaining a low opinion of God's word.
  16. No, merely pointing out that your knowledge of God's word is not above questioning. You are wrong occasionally.
  17. Occasionally is correct.
  18. So, you don't think the event in Acts is a result of God giving people the ability to speak an unknown language? But rather glossolalia and human behavior?
  19. Finally got the guts to ask my son and his wife. You know how it is when someone says something correctly, and the H Spirit just makes it known that you're hearing the right answer? I got the answer from my son. I didn't expect it to come from him. And it was not an answer I wanted to hear. I really don't want to say it, because people who don't believe in tongues will not like it and will jump all over me. I am just not in the mood for that. Today's been...well, it's just been one of those days. Please give me mercy.
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