Speaking In Tongues: I Don't Understand What Happened.

Discussion in 'Holy Spirit Baptism and Living' started by TezriLi, Jul 15, 2014.

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  1. Ok Peace, I went back through this thread and never once have you even acknowledged if you believe in the gift of tongues (used today). I noticed you liked a few posts from others who disagree with it but you didn't chime into the discussion until you felt the need attack Mitspa? If you need to go back and review your posts go for it. So where do you stand in all of this? Or do you just like to harp in on a topic because you like to cause confusion? You haven't provided any scripture to back up anything because you aren't discussing the topic at hand, you are just discussing or should I say arguing about Mitspa? So if you want to attack Mitspa then lets start a Mitspa thread and see where that goes. If you want to discuss the gift of tongues then lets do that and feel free to produce your evidence. Mitspa has provided more than enough scripture to back up his claim to what God has lead him to believe. So lets see some scripture from you as to where the gift of tongues has stopped.
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  2. I don't believe in tongues, for the record. I think it's daft.

    And one of the major problems I see on this forum is that it's a bunch of people quoting scripture at each other which goes precisely nowhere. How do you even assess a winner in that case? The person who quotes the most wins? No one ever claims "victory" by simply quoting scripture, because you know as well as I do that you can make scripture mean anything you want it to. So I try not to even play that game.

    As for Mitspa, I think you'll find that he is the attacker more often than the attackee.
  3. I have read many threads from Mitspa and many members on this forum and find that we are all a bit pig headed when it comes to what we believe. Mitspa believes in his faith and his walk with God. He trusts the Bible and it guides him in his walk with the Lord. Can you fault him for this?

    You claim you don't believe in tongues, but so many Christians, ones that I know, and ones I don't, use this gift and it does come from the Holy Spirit. Are you claiming all these Christians are liars? I will agree there are people who fake it or who misuse it. But to come out and say it is something that isn't truth today is ignorance. So to prove me wrong, please show me in the Bible where it specifically states that the gift of tongues ended? If it is there I would very much like to read it.
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  4. And you are missing the same exact point Mitspa was, which is that two people can understand scripture in two different ways. When you point that out to Mitspa, he says no, there's only one way and that's God's way. And you say OK, so which of us is following God's way then, and he'll say he is. He never ACKNOWLEDGES the other side. He doesn't even have to agree with it, all we are asking is that he say OK, I see that there are two ways of understanding this, but he never does! And when you make your point he is dismissive, he says no, scripture is clear on this, and then he attacks the other person's character by saying things like "You are confused" or "you have been deceived" or "you don't understand scripture (and I do)".

    I don't want to discuss this topic at all, because I don't want to get drawn in to a nasty argument that will annoy the admins, but I think people who claim to speak in tongues are either faking it or have done such a good job of convincing themselves they have the "gift" that they are doing it psychosomatically or subconsciously. I say this because I have read extensively on the subject of glossolalia and science has done a thorough enough job of debunking it that I know all I need to know. Don't push me further on the subject please, I don't wish to be banned for fighting.
  5. Well you lack faith in the Word of God if you depend on science for answers. There is no debating this with you.
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  6. And why do you say that? Why do you make it one or the other when it's entirely reasonable you could look to both God AND science?
  7. You can't serve God and man. That is exactly what you are doing. Science is fine if you don't allow it to persuade you to discount the bible
  8. Who says I can't? When science is right and PROVES itself right then that is exactly what God WANTS you to get behind!
  9. It's biblical..

    You know this is a Christian forum right? Why wouldn't people quote scripture?
  10. What specifically are you saying science proves? Sorry, I just got here.
  11. Science today is just a bunch of theories, they rarely prove anything.
  12. Can we stop this pick, pick, picking on Mitsvah or move it somewhere else? Can you, Mitsvah, stop this, too? I came here trusting people for help. That is what this thread is about. Please. J can't even find your answers to my questions among this mess.
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  13. I can't tell if you are joking or being serious. Can you confirm for me?
  14. I believe Mitspa tried to help you and others hijacked this thread
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  15. I'm sorry. No more frog leg, Tennessee, or cottage jokes from me. :(
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  16. Why don't you believe in tongues? What do you think the event in Acts was about? Not arguing, I just want to understand your thinking.
  17. I have just read extensively about glossolalia and human behavior.
  18. Being serious, but my position is hardly unique in the Christian world. I do understand some people take it very seriously and I mean no disrespect to them.
  19. Well, gravity is a theory. As is evolution (although I know the latter is probably a contentious subject around here).
  20. Quoting scripture is fine but I see people quoting it AT each other as though it's some kind of contest. I'm not sure that's the point of it.
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