Speaking In Tongues: I Don't Understand What Happened.

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  1. Please allow me to be openly honest here, even blunt, and I ask you to do the same.

    In the "Drunk in the Spirit" thread -- the name of which really bothers me -- I wrote the following post:
    I was, in no way, "drunk." I had full control of my mind and most of my actions< with the exception of the following: before I realized what had happened, I had raised up, hands in the air, and spoke more loudly than I had been while just praying in a language I did not know. As soon as I could, I clamped my mouth shut, put my head down, then left without a word to anyone. Not being a tongues-talker, this was very hard on me and disconcerting when I think about it. I don't know why this happened.

    Here's the thing: I was reared around tongues-talkers, although I never heard any family member do it when I was a child. I know that Father and Mother believed in it. Father, a preacher/pastor, apparently had done it, or they would not have let him preach or pastor.

    Let me start another post. Sometimes, my computer loses my posts as I am writing.
  2. Here are some of my problems with the tongues-speaking church I attended:
    My first pastor strongly believed in tongues, and he was meaner than a 'gator with strep throat.
    Mother was as mean.
    Father let Mother do anything she wanted and backed her up for doing those things.
    As a child and teen, I never saw/heard a nice person, whom I knew, speaking in tongues.
    In my early 20s, I saw some things done during the church's summer camps that were, well, just plain odd:
    A woman we'd never before seen came to the camp. She wiggled and hissed like a snake. She was with a man who made odd noises. They were both carried, unwillingly, out of the service and sent on their way.
    Not once, in all the years I attended that church in various cities and states 50.5 years), did I hear anyone interpret what was spoken in tongues.
    Things were quite quiet in that church organization, until we gathered in the summer for church camp. Then, at the altars after the camp services, things could get interesting with tongues and shouting.

    New post, before I lose this one.
  3. When we moved from California to Mississippi (where we lived when I was 8.5-12 y.o.), most of the churches we visited were very nice, but there were a few:
    In one, the tongues-talking, rotund pastor jumped over the curtained railing around the platform and ran down the aisle, slapping everyone on the center aisle, hard, on their backs.
    In another, the pastor had a huge mouth and certainly did not need a microphone, and she berated my family for coming and not joining in the noise. Well, we were not used to what they were doing! So she continued to harass us until Father got up and motioned for us to follow him out. As we exited, she started screaming "in tongues," and the others joined her throughout our exit.

    We moved a bit then came back to where my parents again attended the old church organization. There:
    While I don't recall them doing tongues, they believed in and taught it, likely doing it, but two of the pastors did things they should not have to me, although I was not raped. Another pastor, one who believed in abortion, asked me a very inappropriate question after I was first widowed.
    Church members there were interesting. I'll just drop that there.
    Then there was the Triple Trinity. Every one of them were tongues-talkers who would stand and testify about their own holiness, while they ruined the pastor and the church with their gossip -- and it was not just about him. I was also one of their victims.

    Oh, there was more, but suffice it for me to write that of all those I witnessed using tongues, they were:
    full of deliberate, repeated sin

    So I admit that I did not have ANY good examples of decent people I'd heard speak in tongues, with one exception: the pastor who was kind that the Triple Trinity gossiped about until he was removed.
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    New post: so why in the world do you think it happened that I spoke in tongues -- especially when I initially fought it, initially said no, very clearly, several times. I simply don't understand. I would like to.

    Oh, yes! I forgot about the woman who only said, "Malarkey" over and over, and grinned, looking around apparently proudly at everyone. That was when I was a teen.
  5. Well it clearly possible to speak in tongues and be in the flesh, Paul wrote much about this...and a legalist will always struggle with the love of God because they are self-righteous....The legalist dont understand that love comes from being in the grace of God. Jesus said "those who are forgiven much love much" Those in self-righteousness (legalism) have very little true understanding of biblical agape.
  6. Thank you for being honest and blunt.

    Now my turn.

    Never once, ever in all my years have I seen ANYONE speaking in tongues.

    The ones that claim to do so only spoke in gibberish. Babble. This is NOT tongues.

    The scriptural reference to tongues is what is called xenoglossia, not some random noise.

    In it the person speaks in a language that is heard as fluent to the speakers of other nations. This happen in Acts as people speaking the words of God were heard clearly and distinctly in other natural speakers of foreign languages around the Roman Empire.

    I speak a number of languages and never once did I hear a bit of understandable language in any of them.

    I am very concerned that the majority of the speakers you had heard were harsh people. It makes me wonder who really is speaking then.
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  7. Well of course you wrong, do you yeild to scripture as the only source of truth?
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  8. This is hard to understand -- that the H Spirit would still choose to speak through them in spite of the ugliness? Or are you saying it was fake?
  9. Dave, I would like to believe that all of today's tongues are fake, because I believe that is all I have seen, in all my years of being around it. But can I truly write/say that my singular experience guarantees that it is all fake? Can yours? I don't think so. We are too limited as individual human beings.
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  10. 1 Corinthians 14:27:28 - If anyone speaks in a tongue, it should be by two or at the most three, and each in turn, and one must interpret; 28but if there is no interpreter, he must keep silent in the church; and let him speak to himself and to God.…

    I can only tell you what the text says. Only speak in tongues if there is an interpreter.
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  11. That would have been my preference, if I had to do it at all. I should be asleep, but I wonder about the context of this Scripture. Is there, I wonder, ever a time when someone speaks in an unknown language while in private prayer in a public place -- that is not with any intention of making it public. This was my situation. I never expected it until it happened.
  12. Here's something else I should add:
    My best friend in high school was a oneness Pentecostal girl. She told me that at their youth camp, they were taught that if they repeated, "farmer boy" very fast, over and over, they would begin to talk in tongues. She still believed that, to a degree. I knew it was nonsense.

    But we lived in the inner city of St. Louis, and it was dangerous for us to walk to school. We had to do it anyway. So she taught me how to do gibberish. Whenever anyone tried to pick us up, we would do the gibberish. I knew I was making it up and did it, because the boys would drive off, confused.

  13. I used to go to a Pentecostal church that believed in talking in tongues. The preacher would always say the same thing. He said "babaka shatia babababababa". He would say this when he was getting wound up and trying to make a point. There was never a translation and it always was the same thing.

    There were other people in the congregation that did similar things but in their own signature phrases. No translation ever. They said it instead of saying amen or hallelujah.

    There was one woman that every other month or so would stand up at random times and go on for 5 minutes in tongues. She only had maybe three or four words filled with la la la la la . She would then translate herself. The translation was always elaborate in English. How you go from a few words and la la la to a long complex statement is beyond me.
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  14. This is like some of the stuff I often heard. Some people were more proficient.
  15. If tongues are for real for today, these people should be falling before the L-rd in horror and repentance at their actions! But those who fake it! No matter what, they should be profoundly ashamed and shaking in their boots before our holy G-d! The implications are terrifying!
  16. That is why speaking in tongues is such a controversial topic. It is way too easy to fake.
  17. It is, it is. I know.
  18. Should they?
  19. TexriLi
    I'd hope the church would have disciplined the gossiping trinity rather than the pastor they targeted for their gossip. Which is a sin in itself.

    If you speak in tongues and were fully aware of your surroundings at the time, go with it. Don't feel you have to compete with anyone or hide your blessing.

  20. Not if they don't want to know the truth and be set free...
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