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  1. I attend an Indian church.. Services are kept in our own native Indian language.. We meet twice every month on Saturdays since we can't get a building on Sunday.. This is a tradition in India.. I don't know how it came into practice.. For Good Friday service, the pastor would preach on the seven words Jesus spoke on the cross.. Here we do it slightly differently.. We members share the Word of God.. Every one would be assigned a Word and we will preach on it for some 10 to 15 mins.. Last time I spoke on "I thirst". It is a great learning experience.. I think this time it will be on "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me". it is a great learning experience. Trying to put together the brief message.. Please pray for God to guide me with wisdom and strength..
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  2. I sang for the first time two Sundays ago. I've been reluctant to for years. I've played guitar in praise bands since the '90s, I'm not a great singer. God put it on my heart to trust Him, and He would be there for me. God is faithful, from the first word to the last, He was there with me. This had nothing to do with performance, it was about trust and obedience. I'll pray for you friend.
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    Amen! Fill his mouth with your words, Lord Jesus.
  4. The first time I was ever ask to give a message to the "Church" I remember having in my mind the whole Idea of "preaching". I considered how this person spoke and how that person preached etc.. Finally the Lord got my attention and I feel like He told me "David just be yourself..people hear you because you are just being honest " ...so that's what I did and yet do...I personally dislike the whole "preaching" aspect of ministry, I had much rather set with a group in bible study or minister on personal levels in small groups. I must say that God does have a special anointing upon preaching. I have only touched upon it myself but have felt and know the power of it. Rav, I say be yourself as much as possible, speak from your heart and avoid all "appearances" or any sort of religious mask. By the way I dont have a lot of churches asking me to speak anymore, but when they do...they know I come and speak according to the Lord and not according to man.
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  5. Bless God our friend and brother in Christ, Ravindran and give him the knowledge and motivation in which he can correctly articulate the glorious events of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.......In Jesus name, Amen!
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  6. I agree Rav, don't preach but rather teach, we have found it to be much more effective, and in that sense, remember, Jesus started His ministry with a Bible Study and He ended His ministry with a Bible Study, Psalm 22, brief, ...you could teach for the rest of your life from it, many wonderful Truths there.

    Blessings brother,

  7. Rav........there is a time to preach and a time to teach.

    Preaching – Is trying to affect a person’s thinking by appealing to a person’s heart.
    Teaching –- Is trying to affect a person’s heart by appealing to their thinking.
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  8. My teaching often lasts only 10 to 20 minutes.
  9. In my case, everyone is asleep by then.
  10. Interesting bro, I've found when the gift is in operation it's always over too soon and when obeying Heb 10:25 and the teaching is heretical the Holy Spirit is faithful and will feed me from the text being used in spite of the heresy, then I'm ready for it to be over so I can go home and research it even further. LOL

  11. You know, you dont have to do anything. :)
    Its all God my brother is a young minister in training, and He asks God for the message. .and lets God take over. So when He preaches, its the Holy Ghost speaking through Him.


    But I think thts soo awesome you attend an indian church and speak the native language..gah Im such a culture freak ^_____^ lol

    But you'll do great ! If God is 4 you ...who can be against you?
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  12. Video of what I done today.. Missed some important verses which I had in my notes :)
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  13. Hey are you like famous now Rav..? Good job brother:)

    Our friend "where" thinks he famous because he is on youtube...:LOL:
  14. I would hire a new camera guy next time...:D
  15. Fantastic!!!

    I don't think you missed any verses, but rather you were prepared (Prepare The Way) and the Holy Spirit used what He wanted the sheep to hear.

    So, what did you teach on?

    Blessings bro,

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  16. Great job Ravi!
    You haven't seen my real youtube. I am famous. ;)
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  17. Naah.. Not even close to being popular! Anyone could go on YouTube.. It is that simple!
  18. Thanks! Can you send me some links so that I can see?
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  19. My God, My God, why have you forsaken me..

    First I talked about the 3 hours darkness.. What it signified.. Paralleled it with Exodus story (3 days of darkness and death of all firstborn - 3 hours of darkness followed by death of "The" Firstborn)..
    My key point was, Jesus became sin.. It was culmination of the suffering.. The sin of mankind of separated Father and Son.. It disrupted the perfect relationship and unity between Father and Son.. Jesus said "I and Father are the one". But sin brought that separation.. Jesus was not abandoned like Father gave up on Jesus.. It was more of separation.. Because Jesus is still Son of God.. He was still sinless.. He was a substitute..
    Finally, we can stand on the promise that God will never leave and forsake us.. Because Jesus was forsaken on our behalf..
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  20. LOL! It was our family friend.. My daughter went to sleep even before service started! So my wife was not able to record.. Another person was recording.. She herself had 2 kids.. I think next time I should use my tripod.. That's the best!

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