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  1. A number of members have received spam messages from a MonicMax in their private inboxes. We have been notified and have banned her. If you have a message from her in your inbox, just delete it and, obviously, do not respond to it. And thank you to those who reported it.
  2. Just had a message from a Monica Maxwell, obviously a new account. It would be nice to think no one falls for these scams, but unfortunately people do, Christians are often targeted due to some Christians having the nature of believing everything they are told is the truth and they are too trusting.

    Incase some of you do not know what the scam is , and there are plenty who I speak to who are still oblivious to this, YOu are given a sob story and promised a huge share of money, there are many variations of this story, but they all promise you that you will be millions better off.

    Basically scammers are after two things, your identity and money. This money scam will run on lines of the scammer firsts asks you for proof who you are, so will want to see scans and details of driving licence, birth certificate and passport. You are then sent authentic looking legal documents and other information as a convincer. Then they will ask you for all your bank details and often cheeky enough to ask for your bank debit card details as well, including the security number on back.

    A few days go by and no money appears. YOu then get a message saying that there are legal problems and a fee of around $2000 needs to be paid to release the funds, which you are to wire to them. This should send warning alarms rining, but the lure of millions and greed cloud peoples judgement.

    Once you have made that payment , more problems will arise all which need you to pay money. One story is that someone is making a claim on the money as compensation, they were say injured in an road accident and have managed to get the courts to freeze the assests, or whatever, so the scammer will then ask you for more money say $10000 to settle out of court and release your money.

    So on it goes, many people then think well im in this deep i might as well continue. SOmetimes the scammers arrange for the victim to travel to Nigeria or where ever to sort things out in person. This is where another part of the scam hits the victim Basically the scammers will tell you that you dont neeed any kind of visa etc, they would have bribed airport staff to waive people through. Once you are in the country you find out that you have entered illegally, which results in having to part with more money, unfortunately the amounts asked for often can not be paid, so the victim is murdered.

    If something is too good to be true, it normally is
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  3. Well done 'Mod Squad'!
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  4. Good job.

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