- More Missing Cosmic Matter Found

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  1. - More Missing Cosmic Matter Found

    After an extensive research, scientests have definately found the missing normal matter in the universe - in the spaces between galaxies.

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  2. I'm glad they found it; I was wondering what happened to it. :D
  3. Yeah I was wondering where they put it- but then it doesn't matter to me- LOL!
  4. i assume it is made of socks, keys, spare change etc. These things always seem to go missing
  5. It's is actually baryonic matter, which is made up of protons, neurons, and other subatomic particles.

  6. Is that the stuff that keeps finding it's way under my sofa? LOL!
  7. Lol, Boan! You've got large amounts of gravity under there?
  8. Gravity gets stronger as you get older.
  9. Lol. Try sticking some metal to your head, see if it sticks.
  10. That's very interesting. Thank you for posting it. [​IMG]
  11. Apparently, the way everything seems to be sinking lower. :eek:

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