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  1. Soulmates

    Do you think God has already planned who your life partner will be?

    Or is this unbiblical

    For those who are married how long after you met did you know you have met the right man or woman.
  2. I do believe God has a detailed intimate plan for each of our lives (He orders our footsteps) and I also equally believe that if we seek His face He will always lead us and guide us into the center of His will.
    I remember dropping to my knees beside my bed and telling my heavenly Father that I needed someone to share my life with and asked Him to send the person He had for me - the next day I met my then future bride- we were just friends for a couple of years but deep in my heart I knew there was something special about her.Well a few years later and we were married, that was 27 years ago and we are still deeply in love. When did I know- in my case I truly believe it was the first time I saw her. Coming home from work I opened my aprtment door, it had a saftey chain on it so it only opened about six inches- well back then I had a roomate and while I was waiting for him to unlock the door all I could see was this beautiful angel sitting on my sofa.
    I have done so many stupid things in my life but praying for God to send the right lady to me was one of the smartest things I ever did! Many blessings in His Name brother Larry
  3. Lucky man! I dont know but ever since I was a little kid, I wanted a girl to take care of and love and do the same for me back. I have always wanted that. I want that the most. I prayed alot for that ever since I was a kid. And I have really bad luck with women. I dont know what it is. Shame on me for not remembering the verse but I remember reading in the bible, That you dont get your prayers answerd because of your motives. Need to be humble. I think I am anyways. I mean good. I dont know but its really weird. I just know having a girl would help me alot.. its really weird and people may not understand.
  4. It's not weird~ everyone wants that special person to love and be loved by~
  5. I believe God has a plan for all His children regarding all the aspects of their lives, including who they share their life with. I also believe He has a plan for all contingencies, so that if someone becomes widowed and they want to remarry, God has someone prepared for that too! The key, like brother Larry said, is to ask God for who He has for you and wait for that person. I met my husband that way! Both of us were praying for a mate and we were dead serious about letting God choose for us. We were married 7 weeks after we met, but that doesn't mean that is right for everyone. I told everybody I met to make sure God is the one that is leading them to do it if they are getting married very fast. So, to answer your question, yes, I believe God has a mate ready for you. Just pray He will guide you to them.

  6. I may not be qualified with what I am going through at the moment, but definitelypray about it. 11 years ago, I met my future wife in a bar. 2 months later she was pregnant with my daughter. 3 months after my daughter was born, we decided to get married exactly a year to the day we first met. I was a Godless heathen and didn't have belief in the Almighty or my Savior, but my wife began the process making sure we found a church home. She was the spiritual leader of the family, but I was baptized 7 years ago, though it was mainly due to peer pressure in the church and from my wife. I have slowly come to realize the importance of my role, but too late. She desperately wanted me to be the leader of the family, and I wasn't. The resentment and loss of love that has built up inside my wife due to this and other things she expected of me that I did not provide is now about to end my 10 years of marriage with her I'm afraid. Definitely pray for the mate that God has planned for you. I now find myself seeking God like no other time in my life, and my wife is running from Him, which is 180 degrees from the time we met.
    Pray constantly about this, because it is one area you don't want to make a wrong choice. Trust me, there is no pain comparable....
  7. I believe it. I have to believe after the way my husband and I met and what we went through to get where we are now. Brett is in the army and after he was finished training the army lost his orders THREE TIMES (the army is bad about that sometimes but never THAT BAD) he was supposed to go to Korea, Italy, and Texas but those oreders were lost. He finally was given orders to come to Kentucky/Tennessee. Once he got here he picked 5 churches at random to try. The church my father was the pastor of was the first one he tried and he never left. We started as friends. We had to overcome trials in the church (really people don't need to know every little thing the pastors kids do) we were literally told in public we could not date. (We weren't dating we were friends) and somehow we came through all of that. We started dating a year after we met. He deployed a year later. He came home in 2006 from Iraq we got engaged Christmas 2006 and married June 9, 2007 and he is now deployed again. I tell you all of that to say that God WILL bring the right person into your life and when he does (if His will is for you to marry) nothing - not other people, seperation, hardships - nothing will keep you apart.
  8. A beautiful love story.
    Many blessings on your marriage!
  9. Thank you :) and its all true and I thank God every day for bringing Brett (my hubby) into my life - he makes me so happy :)
  10. I know you must miss him terribly and I'm praying you two are soon together~
  11. I do - especially on days like day - where it seems like nothing is going right. Its hard right now because his laptop battery died and I don't know when I will get to talk to him again. I'm having to ship him a new one and I couldn't get it out today because of the line at the post office and it will take at least 2 weeks to get there. *sigh* but I'll be okay I have some amazing friends here that army wives one is going to see if her husband will let Brett use his laptop so we can talk.
  12. Just think, one day the waiting will all be behind you!
  13. and I can't wait! This is our second deployment together so I know what it is like at the other end - there is not sweeter feeling than that first hug after not seeing each other for months on end - its just getting there that is the hard part.
  14. Oh, I'm sure~
    You must pace the floors alot!
    I'm glad you're here with us~:)

  15. Sometimes :) and thank you I'm enjoying the forum :)

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