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  1. So many Christians attack and misunderstand what is called Calvinism or Reformed theology because of the arrogance and cold attitudes many Calvinists have. I just want to apologize on their behalf, because Calvinism does not stem from arrogance or rigorous man-made philosophy, but instead from a broken sinner who knows he is nothing and God is everything.

    My obsession with Grace is what has made me reformed, my need for God and dependance upon him is why I believe the things I do. I used to struggle heavily with my assurance and security as a believer. All I had to hold onto was my faith in Jesus. But I was so scared by my own sinfulness and the Holiness of God I often spent nights crying in despair, asking God to kill me because I was so sad with my own fallenness. This led to an obsession with Grace, and the Truth that God saves sinners by Faith apart from anything they do or are, but that salvation was instead upon his promises and love.

    Then one day I remember listening to John Macarthur and he brought up something about election. This fit perfectly with my beliefs about Grace because I knew there was nothing in me that merited salvation, and if anyone could save people it was God. This escalated and I, as many Calvinists have, obsessed with the doctrines known as TULIP. This obsession then turned into online debate and conversation with Christians who did not agree with me. I have never doubted the salvation of those who are non-Calvinist though, because my faith has always been in Christ alone, and still is to this day, but only with a more Reformed theology surrounding that faith.

    So I'm sorry for Calvinist arrogance, we are really a humble bunch deep down. Sorry for debating with many of you who are just simply trying to hold onto the faith you have. I understand your position and have been there. I only hope you may one day understand the Reformed doctrines of Grace. Without them I would probably be dead.
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    Thank You for sharing this post with all of us. It is good to see you writing again! God has blessed you with some really great knowledge, and i know that everyone holds nothing against you!
    God bless you my brother, for you are fully forgiven!
    grace and peace be yours in abundance!
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  3. God Bless You My Brother Cosmic !!
    Dont ever loose that zeal for Hid Truth
    Have a very blessed summer
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