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  1. Sorrow

    Hello everyone. I know that I haven't posted in a while but does anybody know if there are any good Gospel songs or artists that focus on sorrow and sadness and regret from committing sin? I would really like some music like that... I do have the worship/praise and happy gospel music but I would also like some sorrowful ones for different mood changes and the sort... If anybody could help, that would be great. Thank you in advance...
  2. I focus on the positive songs. But if we are sad or sorrowful because of situations, a song about hope and His love can lift us up. If we are regretful about something, a song about His great mercy and forgiveness can help us. He really doesn't want us to continue on feeling bad about it :D But turn to Him when we realize it, repent and receive His love. Then it is forgiven and forgotten
  3. laments . yes laments are an ancient form of worship . a friend at church was doing something on laments . it's really cool how God listens to us!


    i'd say do a search for lament type worship . i like evanescence when i'm feeling lamenty . but the type of music that strikes a chord with your heart might be different .
  4. Thanks, guys. I'm starting to think that these sorrowful songs may be a negative thing, though... I'm staring to think that it's not something I should get in the habit of hearing. Sorrow... Maybe it's best to just stick to positive music...
  5. Phil
    I believe you're come to the right conclusion.

    Sometimes to dwell on the negative or sorrow can cause a person to have self pity and hinder them from living a victorious life. Jesus came to give us joy and peace :D. But there is nothing wrong with the numerous songs about the cross and His forgiveness, which realizing what he went through for us, causes us to love Jesus more and be thankful to Him. That's what its all about. Yet our focus now is on His victorious resurrection, conqueroring sin and death.

    Here is a good one my church likes.

  6. Thank you for the worship music, I enjoyed each all of them.

    I am not good at the technical stuff so could not find this music.
    Jesus I Believe You
    John Willison
    Touching the Fathers Heart, Vineyard Music

    Some of the words,
    I bow down to the One, who bowed much further than me,
    I bow down in the shadow of the darkened tree
    I can see much clearer from here
    Heaven is much clearer from here
    Jesus, I believe you

    Writing these words is a far cry from hearing them. Bowing down in the shadow, (sorrow) of the cross I found amazing love. There is sorrow there, but that is not all. He Lives!!! There is Hope, Peace, Love, Forgiveness, and great Joy.

    When in my sorrow, he comes to cry with me, and lifts me to my feet, so I can praise him. Life has been a bittersweet journey and music of praise and worship a very important part of it.
  7. I don't know where i'd be if i wasn't allowed to be honest with God about my feelings . find what works for you and your relationship with Him . we're all different . and in His interaction with us He takes this uniqueness into account .
  8. Thanks for that song. I liked it. :)
  9. You're welcome Phil.
    It's a good one
  10. I'm a HUGE fan of FlyLeaf...The band members are all Born again Christians. The music is hard, heavy, but uplifting & honest. The lead singer used to be a cutter, and she is the main writer for the lyrics.

    Many of their songs center on wanting/receiving forgiveness.

  11. ooh flyleaf! yay! hehe

  12. Great song! Very powerful and moving. Thanks for that.

    This line from the song is what I think constantly.
    "How can you look at me when I can't stand myself?"
    I'll be looking into this band.
  13. Or...from a totally opposite genre...this is the one my heart cries out when I've messed up...

    Keith Green - Create in Me A Clean Heart


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