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    When we read God's word,He tells us everything we need .
    From His creation to the end of time ( as we know time ).
    Jesus Christ was an is His only ( begooten ) son "born of woman" .
    Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only begotten son ,but God gave him another sacrifice to take his place.
    God so LOVED THE WORLD ( US ) that He allow His only beggoten son ( Jesus Christ ) to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins!
    God tells USS that He had at least 3 sons .
    Will you study God's word to find the Truth or just take what I have written as Truth .
    Read Genesis. and Job to undetsant .
    Please rightly divided God's word !
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    The word of God rightly divided teaches us that God has ONE begotten Son---Jesus Christ. All believers are His innumerable sons and daughters. Other mentions of "sons" in scripture are references to the angelic order. companions or fellows of Christ, and other celestial beings.

    Jesus is the firstborn, supreme over all Creation.

    Colossians 1:15
    He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.
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  3. Yup, everyone who accepts Christ is a son or daughter of the Most High God, and we were all bought at a high price.
    I love to proclaim: "I'm a son of the Most High God"
    I'm sure the devil and his cronies hates it.
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  4. That crew may hate it if you are following up on it !! Too many talk the talk but wont walk the walk. (( NOT APPLYING THIS TO YOU )) DIN'T WANT YOU TO MISS THAT PART.
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  5. No, you are absolutely right.
    I guess you can say, they fall into the group called deceived, sadly people do go to church and warm the seats and think that's it, done my part, my books are clean.
    That said, I am of the firm belief that we all still have much to learn, and hopefully platforms like these can have positives for us all.
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  6. Not just as seatr warmers. Many have not understood or received a revelation of what walking by faith really is. Many even in this forum think faith in God does it all. Many feel we can not build up faith or it is a sin against God to say that. Many do not grasp we have authority in Christ and must use this if we want to fulfill Gods plan for us.

    It is sad, for they are born again but they wont be winner. What I mean is when our wlk here on this earth comes to an end we will have finished our race ( we hope ) and won the prize so to speak but many will not have fought the good fight of faith nor done anything other then just get by. Sure they get in but they did not win.
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  7. And again - you are right.
    They fell on the rock, but survived as by fire.
    I actually spend time just talking to people, both unbelievers and some identifying themselves as believers, but I tell you, it's scary how cold the hearts of some has gone. But throwing the seed is what we have to continually do and not turn to bible bashers, that puts most everyone off.
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  8. Planters and waterers and harvesters we are and God makes them Grow.
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  9. It takes faith to let go of this world from moment to moment.
    Without realizing it, we build up expectations, or investments, on having everything in its place. Then suddenly something goes wrong. A loss of investment hits us, like the loss of a job, stolen car, house burns down, family member dies, facing our own death, etc. This is when our faith gets tested. How quickly can we accept the circumstance and be at peace with adversity? How quickly can we accept that a worldly loss is nothing compared to losing what we have (spirit) to sin, and barely coming out of the flames alive? How much good works do we really have that were not already claimed by us? Only the unclaimed works are for God. How much truth do we really have to say we are a person of truth? Sadly . . .
    Surely, only a few will enter through the narrow door, hardly scorched by the flames, of judgement and Truth.
    A true son of God is a person of truth. There is no room, or time, for pretending. We need to let go of this world from moment to moment.
  12. I am thankful to those that reply.
    I am unable to post at a moments notice.
    Please have patients with me .
    I do read all of the posts and would appreciate that all posts be on the question.
    Many men were discribed as having favor with God . (If you need scriptures I will furnish them ). Enoch,Abraham, Noah,Moses ,Elijah,David,ect. None were called the sons of God.
    Gen. 6:2 The sons of God saw the daughtes of men.
    Gen. 6:4 The sons of God took the daughters of men.
    Job 1:6 The sons of God and satan came to God.
    Job 2:1 The sons of God and satan came to God.
    Job 38 :7 The sons of God shouted for joy during the creation.
    In Gen. They can not be angels because angels are not male or female.
    In Job they can not be men because Exo. 33:20 says that no man can see his face and live .
    Please respond with scipriputure .
    I only believe what God's word proves.
    I only want to rightly divided God's word to do His will and not man's will.
  13. When I see "truly or verily or shall be or will be " in God's word I understand that it should be .
    When I see that Jesus Christ says " truly or verily or shall be or will be " I expect that it should be .
    I want to thank the woman in Mathew 26 and Mark 14 for her anointing of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST for His burial !
    Please read the accounts of her before you comment on this post .
    Thank God for all who want to know His will !
    The devil believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God but will not escape Hell .
  14. The two angels with the pre-incarnate Christ visiting Abraham were men as the scriptures say. Genesis 18:2, 16
    The angels with Lot in Sodom were men. Genesis 19:5, 8, 10
    Not sure what you mean here. Are you saying we should do something special in remembrance of her?
  15. Are you saying that the angels/ men in Gen.18 and 19 are sons of God ?

    I am asking if verily , will be , spoken in these versus by Jesus Christ are to be excepted as being something that He truly believed would occur where the gospel would be taught or is Christ just saying that He hopes that there maybe some reference to her at some point .
  16. Hello Truth.
    I know where you are going with this thread. What differences will it make, in your quest for Truth, whether aliens or demons exist or not?
    That sort of truth is mind-body knowledge, and it takes us away from our spirit-mind knowledge. The body-mind is based on fear, not love.
    Truth also comes from Spirit of truth (Holy Spirit) and discernment of what the Spirit of truth reveals may not be found directly in Scripture, for we are still under the New Covenant.
    To ask for answers from the bible scriptures that you know are not there is not being truthful.
    Truthfully Truth, what is your intent here?
  17. I am Truly searching for the Truth.
    I Truly Believe that each and every word in The Scriptures is the words that The Holy Spirit guided the writer to put down and that the words are not mans words.
    I Truly Believe that each and every word is for our learning and leads us to an understanding of the Whole Will and Love of our Creator.
    I do not believe that the sons of God are demons and I am only looking for the Truth.

    Have you searched to see if verily and will be as spoken by Jesus Christ in Matthew 26 and Mark 14 hold the same meaning as it does in other Scriptures using the same verily and will be?
    God bless all who are searching for the Truth as those in Berea !
  18. You are???? OK lets see if that is the TRUTH my friend, shall we?

    As Moose posted for you, angels are always MALE not because they have the plumbing but because of their "appearance". He is correct.
    There are NO female angels recorded in the Scriptures whatsoever. All angels are "Asexual" meaning that they do not procreate.

    Jesus Himself taught us that in Matthew 22:30.........
    "For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like angels of God in heaven."

    The phrase "given in marriage" is a referrance to sexual activities.

    Then you posted............."Gen 6:2 The sons of God saw the daughtes of men."
    That is a reference to human beings...MEN. They were "leaders of the day, wicked and violent".
    The judges in Israel were called SONS OF GOD because that carried the characteristics of God in their judgments. Remember this word.....LOCATION!!!! The location or place is on the earth as there are "daughters of Men" present. This then is an earthly scene therefore the view is of human beings, not angels.

    Angels CAN NOT mate with human beings. They are spiritual and created by God and do not procreate at all.

    Then you posted............"Gen 6:4 The sons of God took the daughters of men."
    Again, that would be the humans. Males, men. They would also be the decendants of Cain. Wicked and lost.

    Then it was....................."Job 1:6 The sons of God and satan came to God."
    Now that is a reference to the ANGLES. Notice the location........"Came to God". Where does God live????????
    Heaven, therefore the scene is a heavenly scene which rules out human beings.

    Then you posted................."Job 2:1 The sons of God and satan came to God.
    Same answer as the one above!!!!!!!!!

    Then you posted......................" 38 :7 The sons of God shouted for joy during the creation."
    Same as the above!!!!!!!!

    Then you commented..............."In Gen. They can not be angels because angels are not male or female. "
    YES then can and they are! Again it is all about LOCATION my brother. It is also about APPEARANCEs.
    See the above answers!!!!

    Then you posted.........................." In Job they can not be men because Exo 33:20 says that no man can see his face and live ".
    And of course you just answered you own questions!!!! That is exactly why they are ANGELS!
  19. If it is for demons then yes they do exist because of the verses we have in Scripture about them.

    If it is about aliens then NO. IMO there are NO aliens. But that is just me.
  20. Cain was marked for killing Abel.
    I find it impossible to Believe that his descendants would be considered sons of God.
    Yes all reference to angels are man / male.
    The sons of God took the daughters of men. Is this the inspired words of The Holy Spirit or the words of men ?

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