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Something you might want to fix

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by SpiritualTeacher, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Something you might want to fix

    When I was first making my account I was going to make the name GodsWarrior and I noticed that when I got God into the blank this happened (figure 1.1) you might want to fix that lol.

    figure 1.1
  2. Blessings,

    We have a lot of usernames that starts with "God" Did you type the whole name in and still got this message?
  3. No, I just thought you might want to fix someone that was named God... unless you think it's ok that someone is named God... I just think it's kind of wrong to have a user called God. Though it was a bit funny to read "if you are God and forgot your password click here"
  4. Maybe you paused? Perhaps if you would have continued it would have worked. I don't think I typed mine. I think I pasted it in. So it went through
  5. We don't have any members username "God" only
  6. Nevermind about the whole thing.
  7. You do have to admit - the part "If you are God and you have forgotten your password, click here" is kind of funny and cute. :D

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