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  1. I recently, before I go to bed, there have been voices that call my name. They are always of girls that I know. I do not think the voices, they just pop inside my head. I thought that it was God, so I told Him that I was listening, and I waited for Him to speak once more. But He did not. What do you think it is? Might be demons.
  2. Either it is your own mind or demonic forces. There is a way to nip that in the bud.
  3. Didn't you tell us that you were a Christian?

    Stronger is HE (Christ) that is in you than he (Satan) who is in the world.

    Watch what you eat and the movies and games you watch and play. Remember......garbage in---garbage out!
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  4. Juk,
    You are a young man with many changes going on in your body. Your subconscious could be popping up those voices up, because you are attracted to them. Nothing demonic going on. Sometimes we can hear people's voices in our minds. It is all normal. Be at peace!
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  5. A little unrelated but could help.
    I have had a full blown conversation with myself for about an hour...I wondered why people were looking at me. :rolleyes:
    It's just one of those things I think Juk, nothing to be overly concerned about, however you could ask for God's protection anyway; just in case.
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  6. I stopped playing games because I realized how vain they really are. Now, my two main interests are Jesus and working out, though I have also been having an interest in martial arts kicks.
  7. I just have a question: why is my own mind calling my name?
  8. If there is a demonic component to it, it will be in the mind.
  9. Hmm....
  10. There is also a thing called...."imagination". You are a young man, full of hormones and growing.
    It may very well just be part of that process my young friend.
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  11. God has created the human body to mature without problems that can be blamed on normal hormone fluctuations. Hearing one's name being called is not normal.
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    Our mind is complex...
    ....although I cannot comment on Demon or Angelic forces as I have very little idea about that….

    ...although, as I understand, the ratio is 1:2

    For every 1 Demon, there is 2 Angels watching….

    Am quite comfortable with the ratio : )
  13. I understand now.
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  14. That may be true but I do not think it means we turn to demonic so quickly.
  15. Dadgummed it happened to me as well. I could not understand why everyone was pointing at me and laughing until my wife told me my pants were not zipped.
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  16. It's either that or a mental problem, or an over-exuberant imagination, that needs to be controlled. Either way, it needs attending to. In no way is it to be attributed to youth.
  17. I believe that there are only two types of supernatural influences.

  18. You said that those girls call your name at school right? So it's just your mind remembering what was happened. And because you are getting older, then your mind and emotions are beginning to desire to be liked by girls. This is where your normal (God given) attraction to girls comes from. It is wired into your dna to lead you to eventually find a mate. God made us all to have the desire to produce offspring. And as you grow into manhood, your desire for a family will develop....and this is just the beginning. So if you can peacefully commit all of your life to God, then He can lead you to the right one for you.

    As you grow closer to God, and develop a relationship with God...and make it important, by putting God first....asking Him about everything...then you will be a very balanced young man.

    Be at peace
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  19. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    But I can remember like it was yesterday that as I walked down the halls of high school I heard girl after girl calling out my name.
    "Major, o are you are so cute and...................".
  20. Now that is a wonderful perspective and I agree.

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