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  1. Here is something I myself plan to do while on the forums. I have already written it up, so just bear with me:

    I am going to be a nicer guy on any AND all forums I join. I am a butthead on them, but am not going to be anymore. I want to make friends on here and if I don't whatever. Part of the resolution is that I am not going to worry about what people say. One last thing about this resolution is that I am not going to care what people say about me, even though the rules say not to basically talk about people badly.

    There ya have it. That's my vow and plan. And one other thing: I'm not letting anyone win. And I'm not putting my tail between my legs and putting up the white flag, saying" you win. I'm leaving." I want to be around for a long time.
  2. I have not witnessed you being a butthead thus far, so it seems you've been successful. Keep it up!
  3. Thanks Kurt.
  4. But I have been a butthead. I say that cause when I post a thread I feel like whatever responses I get they aren't the ones I am expecting. But, I am going to be a good boy from now on.
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    now you sound like me ..
    if you love God, and people know it they will attack you ..
    this is a daily thing in one "vineyard" I work in (full of rocks) ..
    but Jesus said they will because they hated Him first ..
    so that is just another cross we bear ..

    this has always helped me ..
    the enemy attacks what it fears the most ..

    BTW: in this "vineyard" I see many workers ..
    and the soil has been cultivated by the moderators (no rocks) ..
    so that is my compliment to the moderators ..

  6. So basically what you're saying is that the moderators are weeding out the haters?
  7. How old are you, DanaCovert68? Is that what I am supposed to call you? Should I use the whole username, including numbers? :p
  8. You can call me Dana. And I'm 31, going to be 32 on the 1st of April. Why do you want to know? Hope I don't sound immature.
  9. Is that your photo? If it is, you look sooo young... that is why I was asking. I am 32.
  10. No, that's not me. It's my favourite singer Celine Dions oldest son René Charles.
  11. I thought I was talking to a child. LOL

  12. No, lol.
  13. we are all children of God's .. right ???
    I'm your older brother Terry ..

    should I refer to you as "Sweet Pea" ???
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  14. LOL. I just went off of his profile picture, so I thought he was a little boy. I also wondered if it was his little boy.
  15. This is also going to be my list of things I plan to do:

    I plan to not try to figure out what people are saying. I get it wrong most of the time anyway.
  16. What do you mean figure out what people are saying? Just ask if you want to know... that's what I do.
  17. @Sweet Pea what I mean is explain what I believe someone is saying. Get it now?
  18. Oh, yes. Like if someone says something and you are trying to figure out what they mean, so you explain it in your own words?

  19. That's right. You got it.

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