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Discussion in 'Praise Reports / Testimonials' started by Christine, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. I want to praise God in helping me help someone get to know Jesus. He bought his first Bible today and is eager to learn!
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  2. Wonderful, Christine!!!!! There is nothing so wonderful as experiencing God working thru you. It reassures us our lives are not being wasted.....we have meaning and purpose. God is good!!!!
  3. Wow thats so awesome :DDD
  4. Wow Christine! The Holy Spirit works miraculously thru you to help your lost friend. Hallelujah Lord ! Wooo hoooooooo :)
  5. That's so awesome!!!!!!! :) :) :) So glad God gave you the strength to do that!
  6. I'm actually finding whenever I say I'm a Christian and nothing more, people are asking me questions about the Bible a lot. Is that what you would call "planting the seed"?
  7. Christine -
    Hey! People may just be asking you those questions, because people who ARE NOT Christians often say they are Christians simply because they believe in God. But that does NOT make them a Christian.So they may just be seeing if you are a Christian. But don't take it personal. I know, easier said than done! But seriously, you know that you are Christian. And God knows you're a Christian. And that's all that matters :)

    This past semester, I have learned a LOT about evangelizing. It's funny how you find yourself thinking you know a lot about a certain topic, when in fact you really don't lol. I was ignorant of the fact of what evangelizing was. I'm taking a class, Personal Evangelism, and actually going out on STREETS and evangelizing to people It's sooooo scary, but so worth it =)
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  8. wow xspin, thats awesome :D I hope alot of people recieve your msg w/ an open heart... and whats so scary abt it?
  9. :D Sounds like you're having a blast in that college! I, myself, have no idea what Evangelists do or what exactly they are :oops:

    I don't take it personally since they are wanting to learn about God. :)
  10. It's scary for me because you never know what the reaction is gonna be like from someone else. I mean, I walk on the streets of a city. And we literally approach some random person that you've never met and tell them about Jesus. You don't know what they're gonna do. I'm just being honest. Some people who do get scared, lie and say they don't get scared. It's a scary situation! You don't knwo if they're going to insult you, call you names, etc.

    But God has really been teaching me :) And I even prayed over some random stranger and even gave her a prophetic word. It was very cool :) And I wasn't scared at all.

    Yes, I know we shouldn't be scared. And God's teaching me NOT to be scared. It's a process :)

    But from all the research I've done, I've learned a lot of people who have been called to be evangelists, are scared in the beginning. It's kinda like riding a bicycle. You're scared at first, but if you practice and practice, you won't be scared anymore. I'm still in my training wheels :) :)
  11. Oh yah I can see how that can be a bit scary, even more so for me bc im kinda timid -ish lol... but thats sooo neat you gave a prophetic- word :D how does that happen.... Like I know we all can hear God speaking to us, but there is so much going on in my own head I don't know how to like know the difference, like if its God or me O.0.... when you gave the stranger a prophetic word how did u know it was God? \

    what your doing is really great, I wish I could do it but i feel i might crumble :sss

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