Some Trouble in my Relationship

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  1. Some Trouble in my Relationship

    well my girlfriend and i have been together for almost 2 years. We have a great relationship....until now. I have been going through some trials in my life. I have an anger issue and i just seem to be drifting further and further away from God. seems now that there is no love in my life anymore....for anyone... including my girlfriend. she absolutely loves me to death and i know deep down i do too because i am always thinking of her and how much i want to give her hugs and kisses, make dinner for her, spend time with her, go to church with her, etc.

    It's like i am questioning if i even love her. I couldnt live without her though. Its....wierd. it is hard to explain. There are times when its like, "OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU HONEY!" and other times i dont have any feelings at all.

    If i get my life back on track with God, will that help or do i truely not love her? I WANT TO LOVE HER...SO MUCH!!!! HELP!!
  2. You need to first of all reconcile yourself with Jesus Christ and make certain there is nothing in your life (or your relationship with your girl friend) that is contrary to His will for you. I would suggest you find wise counsel with a pastor or strong church leader. No one can tell you if you love someone or not. That is a decision you must make for yourself.

    First priority is to make certain you get your life and your anger under the control of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. Amen x 10!
  4. i dont think at all that my girlfriend is not in God's will. A few days before my GF and i went out on our first date, i was at church and we had a real spiritual service. I had one of the elders pray over me. She told me that i will never be the same after that day. And then a few days later, i asked my gf out and she was so happy to. EVERYONE i have talked to said that she is absolutely amazing. My mom, who is a strong christian, said she couldnt have asked for a better girl in my life. The only thing that had changed after that day at church was me starting to date my gf.

    i have heard though that it is normal, in a long term relationship, to loose that "spark" that you had at the beginning. Relationships take a lot of work. I know i love her. i know i do, i just dont have the feelings spring out of me. I have tried doing things for her like making her a romantic dinner, buy her little i love you gifts, thought of her first before me, etc. im just hoping that when i get back on track with God, everything will fall back into place. I just cant imagine life without my GF.
  5. Love must be nurtured.If you pursue her with the same zeal you did when you first started falling for her the flame should reignite. If you let each other drift apart then you will not make it. I have seen this happen in short term relationships but it can happen even in long term commitments sometimes occuring over years until one day both parties realize they do not even know each other any more.
    I look at it like this :
    Family ( or in your case romantic interest)
    everything else
  6. i really appreciate both of your advice. thank you
  7. You seem to be struggling with you (attitude and all that).

    I want you to take a moment and think about what you spend your time doing. If you do not spend enough time with God, listening or reading His word or attending services in church, you are bound to find yourself doing all that stuff.
    The God's kind of love is spread abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost as revealed in the word of God. If you do not create the right atmosphere where the Holy Ghost can minister to you or work through you, He cannot spread the love of God in your heart. The result you get in return is the inability to love as you mentioned.

    Read and listen to God's Word always, and you will be amazed how that some of those attitudes will check out of your life without your notice.

    bless you!

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