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  1. Some think

    Some people think only with their heads. Some people feel only with their hearts. To be balanced you must be able to do both-selah
  2. One time I sat down and thought hard about opening my heart to the Lord. This bothered me, because I never truly felt like I was completely opening up. I felt that there was some small part of me holding back, afraid of what might happen.

    I thought about that song..."Open the eyes of my heart, the eyes of my heart, I want to see You..."

    I closed my eyes and raised my hands and started singing. Then it happened. It actually tickled. I was tickling in my heart, and then felt complete joy and comfort and rest and ease. I started to cry and just thanked Him over and over and over.

    When I was done, it felt like the hard shell that was around my heart was cracked off bit by bit, and I could feel new, fresh, clean, cool air over my heart. I felt renewed.

    I was thinking with my brain and feeling with my fingertips for so long, I knew nothing else. But now, the protective coating over my soul had been shed off and what was underneathe was fresh and new and smooth.

    I can do this any time that I want to now, immediately. I can just open the eyes of my heart. I can breathe through my heart now. I can think with my heart. It's so easy, I wonder what made it so hard to begin with.

    Thanks, Bo...this felt good.:)
  3. You truly have a pure heart towards the Lord brother and you are a blessing.
  4. Yes so true ...... and WW ... What an awesome description of head and heart coming together. You are truly God's messenger and servant. God bless you Whirlwind.

    It is so true and you and I know people who have all the head knowledge but it hasn't reached their heart. It is hard to describe that to some one as they don't really know what we mean by heart knowledge until they have experienced it for themselves.

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