Some Pics Of Nature To Share =)

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by wegs, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. In no way did you offend me. I just sometimes think "should it be me taking the credit?"
  2. Anyway wegs, maybe I can get too serious. To try to get the thread back, have you got another pic to share?
  3. I understand. :)
    Sometimes I feel the same. I wasn't sure if I said something wrong. I will post more pics later :) hope u have a good day!
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  4. here's s'more...i live near and around a lot of lakes :)

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  5. Not sure why i can't get my pics to show like the flowers in the opening post. hmmm...tis a mystery.
  6. What's the bird, wegs?
  7. People here call these birds "cranes" but I wonder if they are a special breed?
  8. We'd call them cranes too. I thought it might be but wasn't sure and took the easy option of asking you. They do exist over here but are very rare and I've never seen one in the wild. See RSPB site for the UK info.
  9. Looks like a Sandhill Crane.
  10. can you see the old man in the upper rt corner of pic #2? he's got hair, glasses,pointy nose, a mustache, and an adams apple hehehe
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  11. hahahaha! i can see that! :=)
  12. It can be funny what you can see in clouds and other things in nature. We have an elephant in the trees in the field behind our house.
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  13. oh. my. gosh. I see it! like easily see it. haha that's so cool!! :)
  14. I had to look twice.....the first time all I could see was a bird's head in the clouds.
  15. I can see the bird's head now but it took me a while...
  16. Yep sure is funny how different minds work in entirely independent ways:)
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  17. wegs: great photos - and great header text from Hebrews, too... Blessings.

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