Some Pics Of Nature To Share =)

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by wegs, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. wildflower.jpg wildflowerclose.jpg 095.JPG 095.JPG wildflowerclose.jpg wildflower.jpg

    I've begun to get into photography, and just sharing some of God's creation with you all. =)
    Amazing, how much we miss when we whizz through our neighborhoods in cars, no? lol
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  2. I'ts probably easier for me as I live in the countryside rather than it might be if I lived in a town but beauty is probably not that far from us wherever we are.

    Nice work. What camera have you got? Mine's a few year old Pentax K200D and I recently got a Sigma 70-300mm zoom lens for it which has enabled me to get closer shots of the creatures that come to our bird tables than I could before. I've only just started trying with it again.

    There's someone on another thread here, I think using a smart phone camera, something always to hand.
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  3. Hi Jon!
    Thank you! :)
    I have a Nikon cool pix camera ...inexpensive but it works for me as a relative beginner now. I would like to get a better camera when funds permit.

    I took the sky shot from my iPhone and the flowers with the regular camera. I'm much better at nature than with people. Nature is less complex! :-}

    Look forward to seeing more if your work.
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  4. I'm not sure I have any skill in a particular direction(or any direction - as things stand I just sometimes get lucky) but in some ways, my favourite pic I took was one of people years ago on 35mm film. It was a pair of brothers in a pub. It wasn't that sharp and the lack of light was a problem but the expression on their faces and the framing somehow came out just right. Bad picture maybe but there was just something about the scene... . I don't think I still have it.

    Anyway, I hope to see a few more from you..
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  5. Just thinking on nature is easy. There has been a Magpie around on the bird tables today. I'm not that well and a bit distracted and every time I spot him/her and think of getting the camera, its flown off. Still hope to catch one one day as well as getting another go at our (I'm guessing you are US and have the blue jay we don't have) Jay. I need to be quicker and more alert or patient with a tripod or something....
  6. I
    Aw! That is the tough part about photography lol it tests our patience right? :) you are in my prayers today. I hope you feel better. Hugs
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  7. I would like a tripod actually because there is less room for error as it relates to even minor shaking of the hand when holding the camera.
  8. I have one (acually my mothers that goes with a spotting scope) but it's too big and clumsy say for our kitchen where some of the bird tables are just across the windows. Possibly living alone, I could use it in that position but certainly not with a disabled father wanting a cup of tea and having to walk round it...
    I just hope that the shutter speed compensates for my hands shaking...
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  9. God's blessings to you, for taking care of your ailing father. That is special, to me.

    I see a tripod in your future someday. lol :D
  10. Don't want to go too much into it wegs but I feel I must clear that one up. I (in my 50s) live with my parents (in their 70s). They look after me. That's not to say I don't try to help when I'm well. In good times, I think we all try to help with each others problems/limitations.
  11. oh, i see. well, i'm sending you a hug from faraway (((jonbanjo))) :D

    and some more nature bring a smile to your face.

    we have lizards here in florida oh my!

    it took me a while to capture this one, but he stopped to pose, i think. hehe

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  12. Nice ones. I'm not sure lizards are that rare over here but I can't remember seeing one since I lived in Wales. Probably common lizard - a little thing anyway that would bask on the walls.

    Love the lake too. My mothers favourite is Llyn Dulyn. I might be able to dig up a pic (not taken by me) of her there - pretty sure it's still the desktop image on her pc. I'll try and look tomorrow.
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  13. I have some beautiful pics of clouds and flowers I've taken, but I'm getting an error message that the file is too large. :(
  14. Can't help much there. A good tool is ImageMagick but I'm not up on its command line except knowing you can eg.type

    >convert original.jpg -resize 20% new.jpg

    GUI wise, if you've not seen it, take a look at Gimp
  15. dylan.jpg
    I've found the Dulyn one
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  16. aw, i love that pic, jonbanjo!

    well, this has been a hard week for me, emotionally. a friend of mine, his daughter who is 17 died in a car crash, and just found out today at church, that the head pastor died last night! i'm in a state of shock and sadness, as was the whole congregation. he seemed in fine health, he was over 80 years old, but still seemed fine. :( he was like a grandfather to me, really...a sweet man who exuded the Holy Spirit every time you talked with him. he will be sorely missed. :(
    i'm really sad...

    coming out of church i spotted some i had never seen growing wild in florida. i decided to capture one on my phone, and share here...and to offer it to this dear pastor.

    you never know when your last moments on earth will be. cherish your life, and cherish the Lord. <3

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  17. Sorry to hear that. The only loss I've had in the last couple of years was my mate Worthy the "snotcat" (he was huge as cats go and had a snotty superour attitude). He got cat aids.

    I know he was only a cat and you are talking 2 people! Maybe this message still holds though. One thing (which maybe you are doing anyway) is to be thankful for the time you were given with them. On a personal level, I don't find "why did they have to die?" works but "they touched my life and I'd not have missed that" can help.

    I feel pretty useless on this but it's the best I can think of saying.
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  18. You are a lovely person Jon! Your comment warned my heart. It's just been a sad day off and on.

    Thank you so much for your caring thoughts. ((Hugs))
  19. No. I'm just a person. I may try (and frequently fail) but that's as far is it goes.
  20. I
    I didn't mean to offend. :(

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