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Discussion in 'Gallery' started by hyperkilia, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Is that digital or is it by hand? Or is it both?

    You do great anthropomorphic beasties. Darn cute and cuddly. I could write some kids stories, and you could animate them. :)

  2. haha thanks. XD Im already writing a book called 'Bootch a stray dogs tale' :) Im hoping when its published that it will raise enough money to help stray dogs in Sri Lanka (went there and there are strays everywhere)

    haha I wanted to get into animation, but there is nothing where I live to do any study on it, so Im going to do illustration instead :D

  3. oh and I do some Traditionaly and some Dititaly, more so digital though
  4. Well, i can do stories if u can do pictures. Make our own comic book series...
  5. haha maybe. I gotta get better with my poses and stuff before I think about comics and stuff XD.

    Oh yeah did you get my email?
  6. Just the one i responded to..... none today.

  7. hmm did you get the one about the price? if so I didnt get a reply
  8. Yesssum. But I did reply, sounded plenty fair to me. ! I will find out what went wrong and send it tomorrow. Its 10pm for me.
  9. Okay then cool :). I have three very quick sketches done and I will email them to you soon.

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