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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Cturtle, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Hello, welcome and greetings to you all. I thought i would take a moment and go over a few quick things that may help people to get around the site a little better......

    So first off, when logging in, of one ever gets timed out... be sure to click the little box below your password labeled stay logged in and this will fix things for you. See example below :)

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  2. When replying to someone there are a couple of different ways .... one is to use the @ sign and then the person's screen name.. like this....@ Cturtle... when there is no space between the @ sign and the person's name it looks like this.. Cturtle

    Second way is to hit reply at the bottom of the person's post that you desire to respond to.. like this....

    Another way is to perform the action like your going to copy and paste and you should have something that looks like this...
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  3. Some members have inquired as to what a status update is. Seen here....

    This can be for you to write whatever you would like and how often you would like... within reason and not something ungodly or offensive to others. Some choose to write Scriptures or how their feeling or a neat quote they enjoy .. etc.... when people click on your picture whatever you have written looks like this....

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  4. There are a few ways to pm another member. One is to click on their picture and click start a conversation... looks like this....

    Another way is to go to a person's profile and under the information tab you will find a place to click start a conversation... looks like this....

    Third way it to go to the top of the page and click on inbox. It will look like this...
    Regular desktop....


    Mobile (phone or tablet)

    As you click on the inbox it will take you to a drop down box that shows your current conversations or of you don't have any it will say no current conversations. At the bottom of the drop down box it gives you two options... show all.. which means it will take you to a page that shows you all your conversations you have saved... and start a new conversation.

    That page looks like this....

    All you need to do is type in the person or persons name in the top box and then start your conversation in the bottom box (which does expand the more that is written.. lol :) ) oh and don't forget to put a conversation title.. because it will not let you create a conversation without it... :)
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  5. Another way to start a conversation is to click on your user name at the top of your page which will look like this when you do.... Screenshot_20170714-191604.jpg
    And then you can click on the conversations word and it will take you to this screen...


    Where you can click on the box labeled start a new conversation. Then you just follow the steps above to enter a name or more than one, making sire to place a comma between the names and then scroll down to the bottom to click the start a conversation button

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    Should you have any issues with a person who is not behaving nicely in their post (response) to you, or you find a post that someone has written offensive or against one of the rules... this site has provided you with a report button. Use this to alert staff, and we will handle it from there.

    The report button is located at the bottom of each post and in a pm
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  7. Every member has about 20 minutes to edit your post should you discover you have made a typo or desire to add something to your post that you forgot.
    At the bottom of every thread right next to the report button there is an edit button.


    If you find you have missed the time limit for editing and it's really important that you add or edit... please feel free to pm an active staff member and we will see what we can do.
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  8. If you are unsure on how to create a thread... Every section has a place (button) to click to begin a thread. It's got detailed instructions on the page, so just follow the directions and you will do great!

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  9. If you desire to post a picture click on the upload a file button right here....

    It then takes you to a screen that looks something like this....

    Then as you click on the documents icon... it will take you to a place to select where you get your picture from and then to your folders where you can select a picture to upload. A small image will appear at the bottom of your post and then you can select if you want a thumbnail posted or the full image. Then just click post reply and your all set :)
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  10. Screenshot_20170716-030812.jpg

    Under the new members welcome section is a place called staff announcements. If there are any changes to staff or rules or just something informational you will find it here.
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  11. Screenshot_20170716-054123.jpg
    Looking at your reply box I thought i would go over a few icons just in case someone does not know what they stand for...

    B is for bold... to put in use highlight the word (s) you want bolded and then click on it.. it will change it

    I is for italics.... just highlight and click

    U is for underline... just highlight and click

    A is for changing the color of your text... just highlight and click

    The next A is for font size

    The next a is for type of lettering.. ie...arial or Georgia, times new roman etc...

    The next symbol is for adding a url or a link to another page or post or whatever.... highlight the word you want to add a hyperlink to and then it will ask you for the url. Enter the url and click insert

    The smiley face is for adding emojis.

    The picture next to it is for adding the url of a picture

    And the movie icon is to add the url of a video

    The next icon is for quoting someone and has a couple of other options as well. Just highlight the part of the post you want to perform the action to and click on that icon nd select which function you desire to complete.

    The camera icon is for inserting media

    And the flopy disk icon is for saving a draft or deleting a draft.

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