Some funny (or cute) things I thought up

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  1. Some funny (or cute) things I thought up

    Just some funny stuff I made up, enjoy! ^^

    The United States was originally called "The United Steaks", because everyone ate steaks in the colonies. But, people always ate something after they said "The United Steaks", and so they called it the States instead so people would stop eating so much.

    The reason why people sometimes slurp is not because the food is hot, it is because when you are really sick of someone talking, you slurp as loud as you can so you can only hear "blah blah blah" while you're slurping.

    Louisiana was actually a man's question. He asked the grocery store owner "You See Ana?", but he was so old, the man didn't understand what he said so then he told his brother-in-law who happened to decide to tell the President "we can name that swamp Louisiana" and so it stuck. (P.S. - he found his wife after someone understood what he meant)

    Carl's Jr's founder was an under-cover agent who's government name was X-Y-Z. Not only did they get the saying "xyz" from his name, but that was also why people still believe other life exists on planets because he sold Space monkies from Uranus on eBay for $19.99 each and in "specially made fruit boxes that are not methane filled".

    McDonald's was actually call "McRonald's", but to get more money, they renamed it McDonald's so that people would be reminded of "Old McDonald had a farm" song. So, when people saw the name they heard the song and they also played it in the restaurant so people paid them a lot of money to get out of there fast and that is how they got so rich.

  2. This one is considered polite in the Japanese culture . The louder you sturp the more the hostess is pleased..... LOL

  3. Oh yeah! I remember that too! Well, I switched it up for American culture, lololol. XD

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