Some advise please...

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  1. Some advise please...


    I wanted to ask some advise. I am 28 years old, I've never had a girl friend, up until a month ago I haven't been on any dates in over 7 years (mainly due to the fact that I have helped my parents through some tough times). I have been praying off and on for God to bring someone into my life. I never really planned on it, but I found myself recently signing up for eharmony, I've been on a few dates due to this website. The one girl I met, she was a christian but seemed to always be talking about wine and drinking out in the open so I left that in the dust. I do drink occasionally myself but it is maybe 4 or 5 times a year if that, I just didn't want to be around someone who wanted to drink all the time.

    Anyway, I have been talking to this other girl for a little more than a week. We have a lot of the same interests as far as movies, jobs, doctrine, and activities. For some reason, with this girl, I have a weird gut feeling that I never felt before. It isn't a bad feeling, but it feels like I'm in neutral. I usually trust my gut instincts because they are usually correct. I don't know what to make out of this. I have absolutely no reservations with her thus far. I have been praying about this and left it in God's hands. Has anyone here ever felt this type of feeling? I just don't know what to make of it.
  2. Gut feeling?? What about being led by the Holy Ghost? Does your Church teach that or praying in tongues about something?

    If not, then know that God has your best interest at heart. Those that are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. So, what you call Gut feelings may often times (More than not) be the Holy Ghost dealing with you.

    God can talk to use, like you and I might talk, but most of his leading is through those gut feelings you call them. You can come to a place where you hear the Spirit of the Lord clearly, but you need teaching on this, and you develop in spiritual things. I suggest checking out some word of faith type stuff as they seem to know about this subject. Here is a awesome series on the Spirit Led Life. The Teacher is Kieth Moore. There are lots of other good ones, but this one is free and you don't have to sign up for anything to download the teaching.

    Free Downloads -- Faith Life Church, Branson, MO

    As a crash course, I take it that you find nothing wrong with this girl, and that you have nothing she does to remove her from the list so to speak. I perceive in my spirit that your gut tells you this is not the right one, but your head says that nothing is wrong with her. Let me give you another term.

    Peace in your heart................

    We can be led by the Spirit of God by following the peace in our heart. What you call Neutral, I would call the absence of peace.

    When making a decision I always want God involved. I am not smart enough to help myself. Sometimes I have a choice that seems good, makes sense, is compatible with what I need, Not real costly. However, it seems as if I would be just going though some motion if I go with that choice. I don't have a sense of peace about it, though it does make good head sense. That tells me to stop, and wait on the Lord. God knows when I need the thing, I can be patience. What normally happens is some better deal comes along or something nicer that does not cost much more. Something better.

    So, follow the Peace in your heart. Wait I say, Wait on the Lord.

    Be Blessed.
  3. Wordoffaith, thanks for your insight. I do know what the peace from the Holy Spirit is. I've felt this before, and with previous girls I've talked to, I usually was able to know the Spirit's direction, hence why I ran. With this girl I don't have that weight from the Holy Spirit telling me to run, but my head sense is telling me that it seems to good to be true. We both have the same interests, same outlook on life, and have abstained from sex until marriage. I don't know if I'm instinctively guarding myself so I don't get hurt which happened not to long ago. I have to pray about this more and ask God what I should do. Thanks
  4. There you Go Meatloaf......... you can't make decisions based on past hurts, I know it's tough, but God does not want us putting past failures into the equation.
    The Spirit of God also leads us by Checks..........Stop signs. The one that told you to run away from certain girls. If that is not in place, it does not always mean a go ahead, but the Holy Ghost is also not alerting you of danger. Most of God's divine protection is leading out of things, not sending tons of angels to come in and kick butt for us. Remember, he told the parents of Jesus to flee and go to Egypt.

    The important thing is not to alienate this girl because you have a past hurt. You can continue to pray and God is faithful to give super clear direction. Seek and ye shall find....... ask and wisdom will be given....... I would not bring up these past hurts to this girl, because you don't want to put her in that possible category as someone that might do the same thing. NO, be strong in the Lord and power of his might. Be the Godly man, she is looking for, and the Lord will direct. He is so faithful.

    Be blessed.
  5. WordofFaith, thanks for the encouragement. I'll see where this goes, so far I really like this girl, I'm just going to take it slow and let God lead. I haven't felt anything telling me to run away. I have complete peace there, I think my flesh is just drained from previous relationships. Sometimes talking (or typing lol) things out can help you see things more clearly and get things in perspective.
  6. Glory to God!!!! Meatloaf, sounds to me like you know the right direction to take. Now God heal those wounds of Previous relationships. We don't want wounds of the past to be superimposed over this new Girl you have in mind. We want this person to have your best, without reservations as God would have it. Now confess, I have a proverbs 31 women............. I have a proverbs 31 Women..........

    Pro 31:11 The heart of her husband, trusteth her, and, gain, he shall not lack:

    Victory in this is yours Brother........

    Be Blessed.

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