Sodom Revisited. Warning Signs

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  1. by Tom Brennan

    The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah

    I have just read (actually, devoured is a better term) an extremely readable book about archaeology in Biblical Lands. Dr. Stephen Collins is President of Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, NM. He has a background in several academic areas and is quite a gentleman and author. Discovering the City of Sodom is a unique approach to a topic often dismissed by critics of the Bible as a legend, a fable or exaggeration. It is none of these. Many archaeologists and authors located the “Cities of the Plain” where Abraham’s nephew Lot chose to locate his herds and flocks when they settled in Canaan. Theorists placed the cities at the southern end of the Dead Sea for various reasons. Several “tells” or remains of ruined cities in mounds were considered to be the Sodom and Gomorrah sites. Dr. Collins details why he and others consider Tall el-Hamman at the north border of the Dead Sea to be the sites. In clear but not remotely tedious detail he presents evidence why this site fits the description of the city from the perspective of Abraham, Lot, Moses and others who passed that way and knew its fate.

    Read full article at News from Jerusalem
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  2. Ruth Graham, Dr. Billy Graham's wife, once said "If God doesn't soon bring judgment upon America, He'll have to go back and apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!"
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  3. Hasn't he been bringing about his judgement in his own time and in his own way?
    What on earth do you call Hurricanes Katrina?

    Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, a city renowned in America for gambling, immodesty, drunknness, drug-use debauchery, and worst of all, consorting with evil spirits in the form of "Voodoo."
    I'm not saying the Lord for sure did Katrina, but all the same, America would be wise to try and not rub the Lord the wrong way!
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  4. It would seem for sure judgement, to varying degrees has not stopped since the beginning - and decreasing is indeed not happening - what do we learn from this?
  5. Given the Lord worked with nature to deliver his messages and as reported in the OT, I can't say deadly storms are absent being qualified as a contemporary message from God.
    However, I think what we're seeing happen as the world seems to be rotating to give the adversary, the opponent of God, the greater rule of the earth. And a greater role upon the earth. Now, the dark side that righteous teachings overcame for centuries prior is getting its turn.
    I'm not all that versed in the layers of signs that precede drastic change as prophesied. I wonder what layers appear to be unfolding in the contemporary world now?
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    An interesting discussion.
  7. Actually if you search out the facts, you'll be shocked. From my study:
    • 8 Aug 2005: U.S. pressures Israel to pull out of Gaza
    • 15 Aug 2005: Israel begins to pull out of Gaza forcing settlers out
    • 23 Aug 2005: Hurricane Katrina forms
    • 24 Aug 2005: Israel pullout completes Gaza withdrawal
    • 24 Aug 2005: U.S. pressures Israel to resume roadmap plan
    • 26 Aug 2005: Sharon faces the battle of his political life against Netanyahu
    • 26 Aug 2005: Oil hits a record high at $68/barrel
    • 29 Aug 2005: Katrina hits New Orleans150 - 28 levees fail (over 50 in the ensuing days)
    • 4 Jan 2006: Ariel Sharon has massive stroke leaving him in a permanent vegetative state
    The area devastated by hurricane Katrina totals 90,000 square miles encompassing parts of three states (164 square miles for every square mile of Gaza). By contrast, the whole of the British Island, comprising England, Wales and Scotland, is only 84,400 square miles. 1836 people die because of Katrina.

    There are so many of these linked to Israel, it cannot be denied as coincidences only. Here's a recent example:

    29 days after their first involvement against Israel, Paris is attacked...

    October 14: France's Proposed Solution To Israel-Palestine Conflict Sidelines U.S.: Invited 19 other countries and the Arab League to peace talks
    October 16: France urges stepped up international action to end Israeli-Palestinian conflict
    October 17: 'France advancing plan to deploy international observers at Jerusalem's Temple Mount'
    October 20: France’s war against the Jews - Caroline Glick
    November 12: Jordanian officials arrive to set stage for Temple Mount cameras
    Hollande says Nov. 13 Paris attacks an ‘act of war’ by Islamic State group
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  8. Hey guys! Long time! I mean I know we dont want to draw a comparison to the OT in regards of how God used to deal with Israel unfaituness
    ...but is very hard no to!...very hard....
    But also work both ways...we can see and avoid the mistakes the Israel did...maybe not as a Nation, even if we would like least at the personal level we can! GOD BLESS!
  9. By do way....It has do to with this topic...but I dont know if I should start a new one.....

    There was a cinversation with a few brothers this weekend regarding the Starbucks cup about Christimas and we end up talking abou sublininary messages such as the Starbuck Logo it self....

    What you guys think about these companies that that use pagan references or cut ties with Chrsitianity?...

    How should we react?

    God Bless!
  10. Perhaps it is more to the tune of
    If God Judges America - He would have to Apologize to Jesus
    Think about that
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  11. Please do not blame God for these storms. We as believers can take authority over storms.
    Look folks we are under grace - we will stay that way until He sends Jesus back for us.
    God is not sending storms or disasters no more then He gives you the flue to teach you something.
    God Bless
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  12. Why? It makes no sense.
  13. What makes no sense ?
    What Jesus did on the cross ? What God said about man ? Gods Grace for all People until He says it is finished ?

    What does not make sense ? That God would not go around Judging as people think he will ?
    There is a set time for Gods Judgment on man - You will stand before Him at that time.
    If you believe that any of this evil or disaster in this day and age is Gods Judgment - then you might want to compare this to whaty God said He would and would not do and His charactor.
    He does not change - He does not go back on His word - If God said He would not judge man as He had in time past and put us under Grace - then that is how it will be.

    Now then - ;) what exactly does not make sense to you ?
    Have a Joyful and loving day
  14. I agree, I think our own thoughts and how we speak bring about these things. Our thoughts have patterns. Gods Word says He thinks good thoughts about us . . .
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  15. We are suppose to rule here on earth with Jesus who is in everyone of us
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  16. we are suppose to take every thought captive, why? because they have power
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  17. Oh dear brother you just do not understand. First Jesus is God and all judgements are from Jesus, John 5:22. God is not going to reward sin, not even in Christians, Psa 66:18. So what exactly is "judgement"? It is a separating. Judgement is promised and will happen to the point that 3/4 of the world will die (separate from life), the earth will be knocked out of its orbit, separate from orbit. Judgement is misunderstood. It is more God removing His protection than causing the damage. Take the Passover. The angel of death killed all those kids. Is the angel of death good or evil? All you have to see is what happens to death in the end: into the lake of fire.
  18. Just this.
    If God Judges America - He would have to Apologize to Jesus

    I leave you to your beliefs on such things as I have mine. All spiritual indwelling relationship is personal with the spirit that is holy.
    God bless.
  19. What dont I undertstand dear brother ?
    People are believing that all this evil and or terorist are Gods judgment on the usa. That is false. People say the storms are Gods judgment and that also is false.

    We are not talking about the final judgment but claiming God is judging by the actions in this world.
  20. You have to read the facts and God's promises. There are a lot more just like Katrina. Like Sandy when the UN voted to boycott Israel they were slammed by it. The Norwegians when they wanted to boycott Israel, they had their own Islamic attack, and on the very island they announced it on, the very next day (I believe next day) the kids were gunned down. God's not sending judgment, He's lifting His hand of protection. Huge difference and I'm sorry, you as a Christian, cannot see that. 9/11 was a wakeup call for America. The month we announced abortions we announced our first lost war - Vietnam. Australia voted to support the Palestinians over Israel and they has the largest hurricane in history and hit the very home town of the PM! It goes on and on. Cause and Effect is very much in full swing. Research all the events that have happened to the Jews on 9 Av. The ONLY thing sustaining America right now is prayer, but judgement is coming. Without repentance judgements come, even to Christians. Play with fire, eventually you get burnt and who's fault is that? Yours.

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