So, Who Likes Disciple And Skillet?

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  1. xspinningisfun suggested I start a fresh thread.

    So who likes the Christian bands Disciple and Skillet?

    What do you like about them? what don't you like about them?

    Comments, please... :)

  2. (I'll start: )
    Disciple has some hard hitting and Biblically clear lyrics. I especially like the track 'Battle Lines'. It's all put over with hard rock, and the effect is like as if it's so sure and certain that there is no argument.

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    I just listened to a little of 'Battle Lines'. Uhhhhh... I didn't like it at all! :X3:
  4. Does anyone like Third Day? I do! :)
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    I've always had such a tough time finding contemporary music that I'd like that has a Gospel message (except for the Juliana Theory which I remember loving in high school).
  6. We have had a discussion on this awhile back and I for one do not like contempory Christian music.

    IMO it is trying to incorporate "worldly" music beats and words into Christiainty.
  7. Major: Thanks a lot for your comment. In the end I would be hard pressed to sort out between what is subjective and objective in assessing music styles. I wouldn't know how to begin, personally. To me it seems ultimately subjective; everyone has likes and dislikes, of course, but I would set great store on the lyrics, whether they are God honoring.

  8. Sparrow: Are they Christian hard rock, too? or how would you describe them?

  9. Let me know if you like them, farouk. You Tube should have many of their songs.

    • Third Day


  10. Hey thanks, Sparrow. My wife is asleep at the moment, so I won't try to play Third Day just yet.

  11. One of the first songs I ever heard from them was "Agnus Dei"; I was hooked from then on. I love "You're Everywhere" and many others.
  12. Sparrow:

    Thanks, and I'll have to check it out; by the sound of things, it's not hard rock, anyway.

  13. You are is only my opinion.
  14. Major:

    Only mine, too.

    I was just thinking, a lot of cultural stuff that ppl have widely differing and sometimes strong views about is actually in the end subjective. Romans 14 isn't talking about the glorious fact that 'For ever O LORD Thy Word is settled in heaven', Psalm 119:89, for example. Like, for instance, I reckon that if we went back to rural local churches in Georgia or Mississippi in the 1920s, pretty well everyone there would dislike knee-length skirts and Brooks haircuts and jazz, but go today there are probably very conservative, godly people there who that are fairly comfortable with all those things.

  15. Sparrow: Agnus Dei by Third Day (y)
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  16. xspinningisfun: I thought you made some interesting comments on the other thread before I started this one. You said you don't like Skillet because for you it's too solemn or something. But you do think Disciple is okay?

    Sparrow: I think Third Way is kind of soft rock, really.

  17. Who are your favorites, farouk?
  18. Sorry, I thought it was already basically taken as read that I like Disciple and Skillet, especially Disciple.

    The track Battle Lines by Disciple is so Biblically based in its lyrics and reinforced by good sound, that it communicates truth very effectively, I think.

    (I do also appreciate older hymns.)
  19. That's my fault -- I forgot to include "beyond Disciple and Skillet." :p

    I also love old hymns.
  20. I do think that when it comes to hymns and spiritual songs it's the theology of the lyrics that counts for a lot.

    A lot of people's 'favorites' sometimes seem to be for reasons other than the actual truth-content that they convey, or don't, as the case may be.

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