So There ARE Other Christians Out There.

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  1. So There ARE Other Christians Out There.


    I always felt alone in the workplace, but I found out a guy at my work is a born again Christian and he knows a few people there who go to his church. And one of the female managers taught Sunday school for 7 years.

    He reminded me, so next time I wanna go to the Saturday nights at his church. It's loud Christian music, video games, food and drink.. it's like a social without alcohol with and more to do. :D
  2. Sounds awesome! =D
    Good find there. Like a pirate reasure. But with fellowship and win instead of boose greed and a really cool adventure. :D:p;)

    I felt kinda alone at college but then found out there was a Christian club. I can't go to the meetings anymore because of my schedual, but one of them other members is in my classes. We share information from big speakers and public debates on Christianity and such. Really fun.
  3. While I was lurking about the catwalks one night doing a search for errant mail, I saw a mailhandler hanging sacks down below. She was singing praise and worship songs, unaware that I was there. Also, recently we had a clerk transfer over to maintenance craft. He's a little crazy -understandable, given his past- but he's an outspoken Christian. They're out there, all right, but they tend to be rare birds.
  4. Hallelujah...God is so good to provide fellowship at our workplace if we are looking for it. I have one faithful, praying sister who takes walks with me and lunch now and then. I have several other by email.

    What an encouragement...apart from a little fellowship though, I believe that we are on our own "to work out our own faith with fear and trembling knowing that God worketh in us to do and to will His good pleasure"...He does provide what we need, when we need it.
  5. That's great , Mark cause it is so important to have a balance in your young life and socialize with other believers. God is good and He gives us exactly what we need when we are faithful servants.:D

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