So many opinions

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  1. So many opinions

    We have so many opinions in the Body of Christ. Sometimes it seems we will never agree on anything. Yet we can find unity in spirit and purpose as we seek to both glorify our God and build His kingdom.
    Much love and many blessings, your brother Larry.
  2. Amen to that my Son. As the Body of Christ we are all important and when we function with the gifts that God has given us.... then there will be unity .
  3. Amen; I love you Bro Larry and Sis Dusty; you are both way cool!

    I was doing a short term missions trip to France YEARS ago and I got to meet Christians of all colors and nationalities and knew that if nothing else; we all have Jesus in common. We may not agree on language or music or some ways to evangelize but when it was all down to nuts and bolts we all LOVE JESUS!!! And the Holy Spirit is the same in all languages too; I saw a born-again, former Muslim leading a Muslim girl to Christ in the French language; he was from the Cote d'Ivoire and she was from Lyons. We were visiting with them from Montlucon where we stayed for a week.

    On our mission team, there was 5 from the U.S., about 40 from the Netherlands and over 90 from France (all over) and one day during the time of worship; I went and stood between the French and the Dutch and as they were singing in their languages I raised my English voice in praise to the Lord. :p

    Talk about a little slice of Heaven; true Heaven. Every tribe and every tongue shall give praise to Him who sits on the Throne and to the Lamb; forever and ever...Hallelujah!!!(funny; same word in ALL languages)

    We have more in common than we think...We GOT JESUS!!! We need to pray more that our opinions would come from God's throne and not from ourselves; there would be no arguing then!!!:D
  4. You are way cool yourself my sister!:D
  5. Sister Worshipper ... Thanks but I give all the glory to Jesus. That was so wonderful to go on that missions trip and experience that no matter who, where , what language, what colour we Christians are one in the Lord .... praising and worshipping in one accord. What an awesome experience.

    I have many stories to tell ( and I am sure you do to ) about my four misssions trips as we were in a Spanish speaking country, ministering to little children and doing VBS. One story we told was about the crippled man who was lowered down to Jesus. After the story we asked if any of the children needed prayer and we were going to have them form a line and we would pray for them. Well, when we looked around almost all the children had their hands raised so we decided to pray for them there. As we were praying we stretched out our hands to the kids and I could feel all these little hands touching mine. It still thrills me when I talk about it. They were so loving and precious. No wonder Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me.

    I love you too , Worshipper..... God Bless.
  6. Amen brother

    God bless
  7. Hey, there's way too much love here! :eek: Gotta jump in and get some! :p Hey! I wanna go on a mission's trip! Where do I find one? I'd like to do that for vacation some time. I guess I'll have to ask my church if they have groups who go on them. :israel:
  8. Bonnie .... OUr church has mission trips going every year and this year there are four different places.... but I am saving my money cause I want to go to Israel in Nov.. I would highly recommend them if you can go . You will never be the same and you will also gain even more respect for what the missionaries have to go through . It will also give you more insight into the peoples of other lands and how fortunate we are with all we have.

    By they way Bonnie ... I love you too. You are a precious sister in the Lord so don't feel left out .:heart::heart::heart::heart:
  9. There can definitely be unity even in diversity, but too many Christians haven't learned that fact and reject anyone who believes slightly different. There are religions that Christians cannot fellowship with, but I'm talking about born again believers who won't unite in Christ because of minor differences.
  10. :israel: Sis Dusty; how awesome. :israel:
    Please let us know when you will be leaving for Israel so we can keep you in prayer; I specialize in missionary prayers.;)

    Sweet Surrender Sis: LOTS of love here for you too. :) I went with ECM; European Christian Missions (I knew the one leaders's nephew, he is head of the mission board at the church that I was attending at the time.)
    It was an awesome experience; I went to be part of the choir that sang Andre Crouch songs in ENGLISH, took my tambourine, played and sang in the OLD churches in France and met other brothers and sisters from all over. Saw the Holy Spirit move and got kissed by alot of French was an awesome experience and I would go back in a heartbeat; as the Lord wills. A missions trip might sound like a vacation but it is a life-changing opportunity to see the Lord Jesus move in and through you like you have never seen before...

    Back to the opinions in question; I am a lover of Israel and the Jewish people; there are some christians who have differing views and opinions than this. Even the Jews say of themselves that if two Jews are in a room there is bound to be three opinions...and they are still a nation today!:D
    It all depends WHOSE side we are on when we have differing opinions; as one song has said:

    Can we agree to disagree and still be brothers?
    Can we agree to disagree when we don't see eye to eye?
    Can our Father perfect love, be the force rules our lives
    side by side and hand in hand can we agree, to disagree?
    (Reba Rambo and Donnie McGuire)

  11. Jon - MArc. .... Yes there is unity and I live in a city which is called the melting pot of the world cause all the immigrants come here.

    But I also worship in a church that boasts 45 different nations ... all worshipping in one accord and in unity . It is awesome and very unique. OUr senior pastor is white and she has Jamacan, East Indian, Ghiana pastors also ministering . together . If you care to look at the web site here it is So my dear Jon- Marc .... we are living proof that diversity , culture, backgrounds ,skin colours do not matter and that we can all worship under one roof .... and to me that is what heaven is going to be like.
  12. Yes I will sis and thanks . I will keep you all posted . It is not till Nov.

    Wow, what an awesome experience you had in France. And yes like you said mission trips are life changing. I would not have missed that and also know that it was the will of God and It touched my heart and the dear precious street children were so loving... always wanting to hug. I was only sorry that my Spanish was not very good to communicate but somehow the love of God reached out and touched these sweet little children.

    Here is the web site of the missionary where I went .

    Luz a las Naciones Ministries

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