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Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by Chopper, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Hello Friends and believers in the Christ of Almighty God, Jesus. Bless His Holy Name. My love for the Word of God is only superseded by my love for my Master Owner Jesus Christ of which I am only His servant.

    I am looking forward to your thoughts and theology concerning God's Word and how you live according to your understanding of His Commands for each of us.
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  3. Welcome to CFS Chopper! :)
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  4. Thank you so very much for your welcome Chili. I am so looking forward to a Christian Forum where Christ Jesus is honored. I do hope that this will be a long term fellowship with all of you. Already I'm impressed with your introduction and instructions. My greetings to the rest of your honored Staff. May God bless all of you with His Peace and Grace.
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  5. Thank you Fish of Faith. I really like your name. I am honored to become a member of this Forum. It was recommended by a very good friend of mine of the Forum that I'm leaving. Grace and Peace to you my Brother.
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  6. I'm sure you'll settle in; should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
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  7. Hi Chopper.
    Welcome. I like the name.
    Enjoy your stay.
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  8. Thank you. 50 years of riding motorcycles. In my early years I loved my "hard tail chopper", thus the name.
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  9. Yup, it was either that or helicopters - I like both.
    I'm more into dual purpose stuff - but have an eye for all kinds of motorcycles.
  10. Welcome to CFS, Chopper!

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  11. Hey, thanks. My "Bike" was a Harley, and that picture looks like my last one, a big FLH bagger.
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  12. Welcome! :D
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  13. Hello, 'Chopper' and welcome to our family gathering place for Christian fellowship. Very nice to have you with us and I see some of your colleagues have joined you here from elsewhere on the net.


    On Behalf of the CFS Staff,
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  14. Thank you for the nice welcome Pastor Gary. One Pastor to another Pastor. I happened to follow a fellow fisherman here. This looks like a good Forum so far. I'm impressed.
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  15. smileys-fish-430558.gif See it's like this, with the written word of God, well you never run out of bait to cast out to those who will bite !!
    Praise God
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  16. Hello Pastor, Brother, Friend and Mentor Chopper,
    I am very Blessed and Thankful and relieved as well that you found your way here. It's much more peaceful and loving here and so much more Truth being spoken of His word as well. Every now and again a few do get a little over zealous but do calm back down but you have to remember there is alot of brothers and sisters in here so every now and again some keyboards bump. lol

    Make your self right at home and do not hesitate to ask any of the wonderful staff in here for help or anything that you may need. They are very friendly and caring and will do what ever they can. Relax and know it will not ever get like the other place, the on the spot staff will not allow it but are very loving as well and CARE about every member in here. Pastor Gary once told me how many different countries were in here, I do not recall at the moment but it was alot !!

    Bkessings and Love
    Your Friend
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  17. Hi my friend! It is such a blessing to have you here! I look forward to all of the wonderful things that you have to say! You truly are a gift from the Father!
    Thank You for being here! Many blessings of abundant peace and joy to you and your wife!
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  18. Ha Ha, Jim, I really like that.
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