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    What do you do when a guy likes you, and you like them back?
    So, since the beginning of the year I've gone to this small country, Christian school (which is a blessing (praising God)) and made heaps of great friends, one of them being this guy.
    This guy has pretty much liked liked me from late term two, but at first I totally ignored him (this was before I was a Christian). Anyhow, after we both became Christians (check my testimony, this is the guy that went up with me) I decided to get to know him more.
    That sorter ended when he got into a fake relationship with another girl in my class. Even though everyone knew he liked me, I decided to just be friends.
    Well, this girl started real dating another guy from our class and the fake dating stopped.
    While he was in this fake relationship, he still acted as if he liked me, even asked me to the movies. When he did this I might of pretended I didn't hear, or not known what he meant, like every time he asked, cause I'm awkward like that. I think that discouraged him.
    Well, basically I've decided not to discourage him, cause I do like him.
    But I need advise, as this would be my first relationship. The best my friends give me is "You guys would be so cute together! You totally should get together!!"
    Plus, you guys are mostly older then me, so therefore wiser. Please help, I'm feeling confused.
  2. Hi Georgia
    Please go slow and do not get into a rush.
    Spend more time in prayer over this and seek the heart of God in this. It is way to easy to get feelings and emotions in the way and causing you to make poor choices.

    The thing with friends and people giving advice . ..... it's your life and not their's and it will be You who deals with any consequences from their advice.

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  3. Hi Georgia,

    I have to agree with fishcatcherjim. Take things slow and concentrate on friendship, and really getting to know this guy, before making any decisions. and when you think you know how you want to move forward, commit this plan unto God and allow God to cause your thoughts to line up with His Will/Word.

    In other words, seek God by spending lots of time with Him in prayer and reading His Word and allow The Holy Spirit to speak to you through it (verses will seem to pop right off the page at you). Thank God when you read (and any time you think of it) that you are His sheep and you know His voice (John 10) and also thank Him for giving you wisdom according to James 1:5-6.

    Your old enough to begin training yourself to seek God first in all you do...and that will prove beneficial to you in the future if you allow your life to stay that way. You won't fall for the tricks that the devil can get people to play on you. And you will always be right where God wants you.

    This is a very vulnerable time in your life. The devil will be looking for ways to tempt you into giving up your innocence. And take it from guy is worth giving up your relationship with the Father, or obedience to His Word.

    Take this time in your life to build your relationship with God, and His Son, and Holy Spirit. Allow the friendships with guys to be second. Enjoy your friends, but allow the Holy Spirit be your guide. I can promise that He will never steer you wrong! Take it from someone who made the mistakes, so that you won't have to.

    God Bless you in all that you do!
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  5. I think that's just what I need to do, pray about this. Especially since both he and I are newer Christians
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  6. "You guys would be so cute together." ?? That is NO basis for a relationship.
    Yes, most assuredly pray about it, but the Lord also expects us to use and work with what we do know.
    You do know now he has an element of untrustworthiness and dishonesty about him, and this is after he has supposedly become a Christian.
    Many guys will toy with a girls emotions to get what they want.
    As you pray and seek the Lord's will, be sure and do not compromise any of his moral standards. This will bless and protect you, and it will also test his heart and intentions.
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  7. Coming from the guy's point of view, if he's doing the whole "fake dating" game and that stuff with another girl, he is not a man ready to even think about dating anyone and he has not studied the bible on how to be a man yet.

    The whole concept of dating in society is out of whack anyways. Only date if both you and the man are ready to get married within a somewhat reasonable amount of time. Right now focus on what it means to be a woman of God, what biblical marriage looks like and how to prepare yourself for that.
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  8. As others have said; ensure that you have thought about it thoroughly and are prepared...there is nothing worse than an ill judged relationship. Prayer is the best way, God will open your eyes and mind. :)
    Klub is right...this guy does sound a little immature and may not be serious about a true relationship. I think he needs to read more about how to be a gentleman and a Christian (gentleman).
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