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  1. Who lives in the Northeast like I do? If you do, please do not travel because of the approaching snowstorm tonight into most of Wednesday. I want none of my brothers and sisters in Christ to get hurt. Stay safe and warm. And make sure to keep your sidewalks and driveways shoveled. God bless.
  2. Too cold this year!
  3. Yep -- I live in the District and I'm about to go out and meet my friend who just returned from Afghanistan...we'll probably be taking metro just in case.
  4. This applies to the North West to! Your snow is drifting over here! :)
  5. Snows almost done here and I will go shovel. We've had someone snow blowing our sidewalk. But it's time for me to do it now. And get the car wiped off in case we need to go somewhere in the next few days.
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  6. I am in New Jersey.. Haven't stepped out today.. Not sure how the road conditions.. My office is closed.. So we all have to work from home today
  7. Snowed in here in Massachusetts also...but this is heart goes out for those Texans and South Carolina for they know little about such things neither are they prepared.
  8. No snow that I know of in the UK but parts have been hit badly by a succession of storms. SW England and parts of Wales seem to have had the worst of it and there are thousands of homes without power and some areas are flooded. Some pictures at

    (I'm OK where I am on the East Coast of England. The weather is pretty foul but we've escaped the worst of it).
  9. Drove in it all day, it was a mess.
  10. Shoveled a ton of snow today...
  11. Today it took 30 mins to remove the ice from car.. And then another 1.5 hours to take the car out of ice!! It was just stuck and refused to move.. I am so tired now :(

  12. Hopefully it will not be another storm coming. But I see on Monday there will be one. But, not where i live. Thank God.

    Sorry, @Ravindran it took you 2hrs to be able to go somewhere. Hopefully not anymore this winter. Me no likey winter. :mad:
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