Snow photos

Discussion in 'Environmental Issues' started by Pastor Gary, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Snow photos

    Since the animated snow graphics program was causing some server issues and was removed, we don't have any snow...

    Let's use this area to post your own, non copyrighted, personally taken seasonal snow photos. Have fun...:)
  2. very nice idea brother :D I'll try to take some if I remember, God willing
  3. Perhaps to get things started, this is one that I took 20 minutes ago off the deck at our seasonal Northern States Rectory office in Wisconsin.

    6 inches of new fluffy powder snow along with a zero degree F. temperature this morning and a wind chill of 11 degrees below zero F. BRRRRRRR....

    :cool: < That little icon doesn't mean the the photo is 'cool' - it signifies that I am freezing !! :D

  4. Fortunately here in the big city we are living in a " bubble ".. There has been snow all around us but we have gotten rain .... I like it ... I don't have to shovel it .... Yay !!!!
  5. lol here we go pictures :D

    that's near Ottawa in Canada in a town called Gatineau.

    I think we received 25-35 cm of snow last night and this morning
    we already had over 25 cm present.

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  6. Nice pics Rams .... I'll wait till the big one to take mine .
  7. shouldn't be soon. it's crazy outside today.. each snow flake or more like ball lol is coming down big since it's around -15 outside and it snowed all day and still snowing.

    would love to see pics !!
  8. lol we received around 40 cm yesterday, here's a new picture

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  9. I'll get some up later in the winter. You know years ago when I'd deer hunt, there was a few feet of snow to walk trhough and it was very very cold. The last couple years at that same time (Around Nov. 11th) there was no snow, and a sweater was enough for warmth if you weren't staying still too long.

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