Snow Eater

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  1. Snow Eater

    Wow!! In some areas they are looking at blizzards and forty below temperatures. In Southern Alberta the Snow Eater is here. In Calgary they are expecting some flooding as the snow disappears. It will be gone in about three days time.

    Like from zero to sixty in one day.:):):)
  2. Well in Ontario ..... We are in a deep freeze. Tonight it is -30 Celcius There is also no place to put the snow and it is banked so high that it is hard to see to exit on to a road so there have been many accidents and they are calling for more snow on the weekend ..... Yay.... So this is Canada ... Eh ?????

  3. It’s going to get close to that cold down here in Minnesota tonight.

    I had to look up a Celsius/Fahrenheit scale to find out what -30 C was on the Fahrenheit scale.
    I remember back in fourth grade they started to teach us about the metric system. They said we had to learn it because America was going to be switching over since the rest of the world was using it.

    That was 38 years ago.
    I’m still waiting for it to happen.
    Can I quit holding my breath now?
  4. Yup .... I think you can and we are in a mess here cause when you go to the supermarket you can ask in pounds or kilos.

    We did not completely convert sort of half .and it is so confusing for Americans when they come across the border and see 100 kilometers an hour for the speed limit and wonder what is that.
  5. So We are very blessed here in Alberta.
    Thank you Jesus. I love heat!!!:)
  6. .... LOL.....Ahh ..... stop bragging about Alberta..:D:D:D.. I get the same thing from my cousin who lives in Calgary . She thinks I should move there cause she and her husband left Ontario .
  7. Well Its true my friend There is no place on the planet more lovely. Mountains, forests, prairie, desert, and most dreaded of all...Cities.:D:D:D:D
  8. LOL, I come in here and just have to giggle, you guys are ina freezer weather and down here in NZ we are having a heat wave...some cities have had over the last few days temperatures reaching 40 degrees celicus. Yesterday was so hot, that last night we had an awesome thunder and lighting storm that went on for over an hour or more, and oh yeah rain and huge hailstones along with it, really exciting to watch.
  9. Yup, -22 F, I just checked the temp.
    On the scale it’s -30 C

    And I have to get going early to make sure one of our vans wheelchair lifts is going to be working properly.

    Of course here in Minnesota, we get the best of both worlds.
    We can complain about the cold in the winter and then we get to complain about the heat in the summer. :D
  10. Yup Its summer time there. I always talk farenheit. I was a professional driver. It was far easier to stay away from that metric junk. We're looking at a full sixty degrees farenheit. I love it!

    Our snow is flowing down the street
  11. Ok . ok .... I know cause I have been there but there is also beauty here as well especially in the fall when the leaves change. And yes the mountains do out weigh all .... I got to admit that . I lived in Vancouver years ago . As far as I am concerned .... that is the most beautiful place to live.

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