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  1. Okay can I just say that the winter months and snow is my favorite season. On Friday and Saturday we are expected to get maybe a foot of snow. I am so looking forward to it. It is absolutely beautiful to me.

    Is anyone else expecting snow? If so, are you looking forward to it or not.
  2. North DC northward can have it. Mid-DC south, rain :D
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  3. Snow is beautiful.......but a day later it is nothing but dirty, melting water leading to floods and traffic problems. I personally do not like snow.

    True story. In 1969 I drove to Ft. Riley Ks. in January. It snowed and snowed and snowed. I had never driven in snow and when I parked my car and stepped out, I took I step and my feet flew straight up over my head and I busted my _ _ _.

    Several men were watching and they all laughed when they saw my Florida car tag!
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  4. yes! same prediction for me in New Jersey.. 1 foot of snow.. Hope it does not get more than that.. My electric snow thrower is not capable of handling more than a foot! I survived last winter with just that :) Looks like DC is going to be hit badly.

    I started watching football this season. So I will catch up with football, cook some nice food and enjoy time with family! Have to get all the stuff today
  5. Yes, now they are saying over a foot. We have to go to the store today as well. I was hearing that the stores are really getting low. Hope we can get what we need.
  6. LOL..Oh My, I hope you didn't hurt yourself. Yes it takes getting use too but I still love the snow until. Not so much when it starts to feel like rocks.
  7. The only time I like snow is when it is falling all day and night in those big fluffy flakes which muffle the sound. I love to shovel it in the evening while it falls and then enjoy a nice cozy night in, thankful to God for a warm cozy house! In the morning, there is a white paradise to behold!

    Here is a photo of the aftermath of the Polar Vortex of 2014 at Niagara Falls!


    Other than that---it is a nuisance, making me long for the heat of summer!

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  8. Here is an electron microscopic photo of snowflakes. Reveals the wonder of God's creative mind!

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  9. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
  10. Here you go---from a Canadian. We are great at making fun of ourselves. Keep in mind that freezing point in Centigrade is zero!

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  11. They be call'en 30 inches here in the burbs of DC :( I REBUKE that forecast! "Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain." :D
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    Yea, now I am hearing 28 inches with power outages. My job is letting us go at noon. The snow was suppose to start between 2-4. But now they pushed it up to 1-2.

    LOLOL....ROFL.... I love that "Plus One" I love it. Thanks for sharing.
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  13. Well, I made it home just in time. The snow has started in my area. Thank You Jesus for allowing me to make it home. They are saying we may get more than the 28 inches now.
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  14. 2:50 PM your time - I just took a look at a few of the traffic cameras near your general area and the visibility is roughly 400 feet. Very glad that you made it home safely.

  15. Yep... got an inch already.
  16. I grew up in southern California. They do snow pretty good: It snows in the mountains. You can go up there and play in it, or just enjoy looking at the frosted mountains. Down in town (mine was Riverside), it doesn't make a nuisance of itself.

    I now live in Virginia. I wish we would do snow here like back home;)!!

    Anyway, in King George, Va it is now snowing pretty thickly. Estimates on storm total range from 15 inches to over two feet. I have the snow blower all gassed up and ready. I have a generator that will keep the power on if the utility lines fail. It'll probably be Sunday before I can really clear our driveway.
  17. It is coming down pretty good over here too. But, you take care and be careful when clearing out that driveway. Take plenty of breaks so you don't overwork yourself.
  18. Five hours of snow...

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  19. I love snow sadly nothings goin on here in GA uhh..just dumb rain.
  20. 18 hours of snow...

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