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  1. snakes

    there is a reason i mention snakes,imagine you had never heard of a snake.and did not know it existed.then the snake would be would never need to know about it.know think of sin,before sin was known,it was obsolete,we didn,t need to know about we do know sin,but wish we didn, shouldn,t we have listened to God from the start.?satan only lives when we die to God.:eek:
  2. AMEN.....Michael and welcome back!!!!
  3. Amen true!!!

    Welcome back.

    Blessings, Cheri
  4. A little bit confusing Smellycat what you are trying to say. I have a little bit understanding but still confused. If you could like rephrase the words I might get a better understanding. MHOP god bless you

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  5. it means if you have no fear or knowledge of a snake biting you,and the snake only bites when your you really need to know that knowledge.?:D
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  7. OK I think I got it . if you have no knowledge perhaps your innocent?
    it is easier for a Camel to fit through an eye of a needle than a rich man to fit through the gates of Heaven.
    that is the message i get in mt own heart.

    Did I ever tell you I love the name Smellycat!!!!!!!!!!! Well I do:cool::cool:

    Chili out. God Bless you sir!!
  8. That's one deep subject.:eek:
  9. Wow. That was an awesome revelation! Thank you so much.

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